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Jewelry Display Case

How to make the showcase more highlight the charm of jewelry

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Jewelry display cabinets are containers used to display jewelry. Jewelry display cabinets have multiple materials, including glass, metal, wood and other materials! The jewelry display cabinet has beautiful appearance, firm structure, easy disassembly and assembly, and convenient transportation. It is widely used in company exhibition halls, exhibitions, department stores, advertisements, etc. It is widely used in the jewelry industry and also plays a very important role and value. What are the functions of the display cases?

1. Enhance brand awareness/set up brand jewelry showcases in large-scale terminals in the city to meet consumers with a unified image, a unified price, and a unified policy, and give consumers a complete brand concept. If the jewelry showcase group is established, the strength and charm of the brand will be further displayed; and the establishment of jewelry showcases in many large shopping malls in the same city can greatly enhance the brand image of the product. Display function. In a market, setting up a jewelry showcase in the center is helpful for product display and reminder, which can be extended to a large number of terminal displays. The role of setting up jewelry showcases in conspicuous locations in large shopping malls is even more obvious.

2. Increase sales / Looking at traditional brand-name jewelry, especially imported brand-name products, its sales mainly rely on jewelry showcases. Its established sales channels are also many large shopping malls in the same city with terminal jewelry showcases, and it is rare to see imported products circulating in the wholesale market.

As one of the jewelry display equipment, the jewelry showcase is particularly important for its set off and highlight. Good jewellery showcases can give full play to the advantages of jewellery, so merchants also take great pains when choosing materials for jewellery showcases, because the charm of jewellery also comes from the material of the jewellery showcase, which means that the jewelry showcase merchants are in the jewellery showcase. In the process of design and production, the choice of materials is quite cautious. In order to improve the charm index of jewelry, how to choose the material of jewelry showcase.

Nowadays commercial jewelry display cabinets, many businesses generally choose glass material as jewelry display cabinets, because glass jewelry display cabinets have very good visual effects, such as extremely fashionable, strong permeability, etc., glass jewelry display Cabinets are more likely to show the advantages of some jewelry such as diamonds, crystals, pearls, etc., and bring customers a visual aesthetic experience, thereby increasing the sales of these jewelry; but there are still some jewelry such as beautiful jade, jade, agate and other jewelry. It is more suitable for jewelry display cabinets made of wooden materials, and wooden jewelry display cabinets can perfectly integrate the simplicity and luxury of these jewelry to show customers.

There are many kinds of materials used in the manufacture of jewelry showcases, which can be used as raw materials. Metal can be used, hard glue can be used, and wood board can be used. However, wood panels are the more advantageous material for the manufacture of jewelry display cabinets. It is easier to cut, drill, and saw when the jewelry showcase uses wood panels to plan the manufacture of jewelry showcases. The key is that using wood panels to plan the manufacture of jewelry showcases is more environmentally friendly than other materials and saves resources.

Therefore, when choosing a jewelry display cabinet, merchants must do a good job of research. At the same time, Funroad jewelry display cabinet direct sales manufacturers will also provide customers with the best jewelry display cabinet design and production services, and develop the most perfect jewelry display cabinet according to your needs. Funroad jewelry display cabinet direct sales manufacturers are also looking forward to cooperating with our customers.
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