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Why should jewelry showcases be customized?

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:18    Pubtime:2022-07-18 13:23:21

Why should jewelry showcase production be designed and customized in advance? Jewelry showcase is an important display item in our jewelry store, so why should we design and customize our jewelry showcase in advance? In terms of product characteristics, customized showcases can also be According to the advantages and characteristics of the exhibits, we plan and manufacture a showcase that suits them, so that the merchant can improve the image of the store, and doing so will have an active effect on promoting the corporate culture, and it will also be more in the eyes of customers. Appear professional and honest.

In this way, it will also have a greater effect on improving your own brand. The romantic atmosphere is mainly to show your greatest charm, so that more people will be favored and sought after. Showcase manufacturing naturally exerts its effects and characteristics for the "green leaves" of this high-end and fashionable product.

First of all, from the perspective of the size of the design scale, custom-made has an absolute advantage, and custom-made can achieve an adequate scale in a real sense.

Secondly, from the reverse side of the quotation, in the case of the same raw materials and the same materials, the quotation of the customized showcase is a little lower than the quotation of the product showcase. On the other hand, the quotation in mass production, custom-made has an absolute advantage. Custom-made showcases have advantages in terms of service. Showcase planning and manufacturing factory-made showcases can naturally make people feel more at ease. When regular manufacturers sign a contract with you, they will also plan the renderings of the showcase first according to your request. Come to confirm with you, and at the same time attach the specific cost and its standard.

You can go to the showcase manufacturing malls on the market, and it is easy to find that although there are various varieties, styles and colors of showcases, there are still very few people who actually buy showcases in malls. , the vast majority of customers come to consult are to order. Customized showcases also have their own unique advantages.

However, what are the defects of non-customized showcases? The scales of non-customized showcases must be different, the good and the bad are mixed, and everyone will feel messy at first glance. It has no sense of planning, the deployment of colors, and the treatment of lights must be completely out of context, so it is not beautiful at all. As expected, it will affect the image of the storefront, and will give customers a feeling that it is a grocery store, so from the perspective of the effect of brand promotion, this will reduce the sales turnover rate.

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