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Jewelry Display Case

What is the focus of making jewelry showcases?

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The comparison and unification of the production of jewelry showcases is the most important rule of form composition. It is the central rule of the formal beauty rules. It includes all the content of other rules. Therefore, in order to obtain the results of the rest of the jewelry showcase, we adopt various methods to obtain The purpose of unification, such as the use of color and form in the overall design

On the basis of the unification of layout, props, materials, etc., part of the recent lively atmosphere can be used. The two factors of contrast and unity are opposite in the form composition. Excessive unity will cause dullness, and too much contrast will cause visual confusion. Although the two aspects are united, they are an insoluble whole, but the two cannot be overcome. Not as good as being in a comparable position. This ratio is also widely used in daily life, so many printed and drawing papers use this as the ratio of length to width.

In contemporary design, many rules have been excused from the “golden disintegration” of the proportions. Instead, proportions are allocated according to the rules of visual art and the specific requirements of design, in pursuit of new visual results and design diversity.

For jewelry display cabinets, the contrast content is very rich, such as non-shape contrast, size contrast, position contrast, color contrast, direction contrast, texture contrast, etc. They are in the combination of space, exhibits, exhibition, signage, background and other elements.

The movement of the jewelry showcase itself is a combination of the contrast of various elements. At the same time, in the design process, the contrast is consciously emphasized and other contrasts are weakened, so that the visual result of the display reaches the predetermined vision. This is also the design of the jewelry showcase. Essence.

The display contrast of display showcases is an important formal rule of visual art. The so-called comparison of showcases refers to the comparison between various elements of opposite nature. It is a rule of different forms of expression. Its important role is to make it more dynamic while the composition produces vivid results. The elements of the opposite nature are In the comparison, its different characteristics are more prominent due to the comparison.
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