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Funroad is a leading Jewelry Showcases manufacturer, in providing expert display solutions to our customers. Where the road decoration headquarters in Shenzhen, where the road decoration has a professional team of engineers, craftsmen and designers. Everyone and client are assigned to work until we achieve goal-oriented goals. We also solve the display scheme and service with high quality. Where the road decoration ensures perfect design and construction of the solution delivery. In addition, a number of customers because of our after-sales technical solutions, by our professional and technical staff on-site service.

We offer a variety of different display cabinets business. For example, the retail store display (where the road decoration jewelry showcase, mobile showcase, watch showcase, clothing showcase, cosmetics showcase, handbag showcase, shoe showcase collection showcase, etc.), booth decoration in trade exhibitions, museums and so on. These are new fashion design, dig deep. Therefore, the choice of choice depends on the customer's taste and preferences.

We participate in various design solutions. Where the road decoration designer team is highly skilled design cognition to help customers make the appropriate choice for the material selection will be the latest technology integrated into the customer's fixture and choose the best finishing material. Where the road decoration welcomes you, our extensive experience helps you get the best solution.

Every road in shenzhen decoration company in 2016-2017 in jewelry cases, cosmetics cases, has outstanding major design inspiration, watch cases and 2017 is expected to become the shenzhen jewelry cases, cosmetics cases, watch the first camp have been exhibiting ark manufacturer.


* design
We have experienced designer team and a high level of skills, they can pay close attention to your brand, budget and performance requirements with your choice of material, finish and leading technology incorporated into your device and the environment.

* establish
We have professional staff, can provide excellent architectural solutions.Can deal with all kinds of building materials, such as wood, metal, solid surface, stainless steel and so on.So, you can believe our decoration services.

* workshop equipment + environment
We have a wide range of store fixture and arrangement from mass merchants like to large retail and flagship store.Win manufacturing in delivery, we have a famous historic buildings and unique business equipment installation services to our customers.Your retail or a businessman will adopt a perfect solution, to maximize customer flows.

* engineering
We have a professional team of engineers for 3 d drawings to complete multiple tasks, drafting, quality control, value to determine the solution.So, you can believe us problems with all of your customers, our commitment is to provide the best service for them to realize their personal needs.

* installation + support
We offer after-sale service, installation procedures and various retrofit scheme.In addition, we ensure that all kinds of software maintenance and monitoring their best performance.

* mall kiosks + pop
We provide advanced services for the mall kiosks, famous gondola high-quality kiosk in several other related services.

* technology integration
We mainly combined with the latest technology for light boxes, LED lighting, anti - thievery and touch screen.You can call us for more information.

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Our Factory

Our factory have many large scale, professional, modern workshops, can mass production any time. FunRoad use advanced technology and introduce a number of technology talents, to ensure product quality, shorten lead time, on-time delivery.

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The focus is on our excellent service, plus our view that customer-centric approaches and innovative marketing and concepts have led to a wide range of industry recognition.Over the years, we have won high praise and many international awards for our clients.

Project: shenzhen every storefront business at home and abroad, such as jewellery, cosmetics cases, jewelry cases and have made outstanding achievements, new avant-garde business cases and has been widely recognized in the industry.

In addition, we also not only help our customers succeed in their business, but also won the

  • TUV Certification
  • TCT Certification of Compliance
  • ATC Certification of compliance
  • Supplier Assessment Certificate
  • FSC Certification
  • HY Verification of Conformity
  • ISO Certification
  • LGA Quality Certification
  • SGS Certification
  • SOIL Certification of registration
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