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The case of Ole's boutique supermarket in Wanxiang City, Shenzhen Bay

The case of Ole's boutique supermarket in Wanxiang City, Shenzhen Bay
  Today, the ole 'project has been open for 2 months, and the boss has spoken. If you don't post the article quickly, don't take the performance!!!

  Ole 'boutique supermarket is a high-end supermarket brand of China Resources Wanjia retail group? Let's put it this way, I can buy a bottle of water here at the grocery store. The ole 'boutique supermarket project of Shenzhen Bay Vientiane city is located on the first floor of the headquarters building of China Resources Group in Shenzhen Bay.

Opening Ceremony

  The difficulty of the project: where is the difficulty? All materials should be grade a!!! A what's the concept? Just can't burn, a bucket of gasoline poured on the cabinet, gasoline burned out, the cabinet is still good, slightly exaggerated, ha ha ha!! Why did party a choose us? Others can't do it, our cost performance is high!

  Our design team discussed and communicated with the design department of China Resources Land and the Hong Kong design team for many times, and finally determined the drawings.

The engineering and design team of our company conducts site investigation, re measurement and confirmation of final drawings

  On November 5, 2018, the proofing display cabinet was completed. Leaders of China Resources Land, Ole users and Hong Kong design team went to the factory to inspect the samples. We are very satisfied with the samples, fully affirmed the professionalism and efficiency of our company, and further optimized and adjusted the process details.

Leaders discuss the details of samples in the workshop.

  On November 11, 2018, the factory began to place orders for production. December 18 opened, leaving us only 37 days of construction period! 38 days, day and night! 38 days, black and white reversed!

Factory production

  Display cabinet Technology: base material iron plate or stainless steel, with wood veneer, DuPont endurance artificial stone, electroplating brass, quartz stone, etc., all of which are grade a fireproof materials.

On site installation


  On December 4, 2018, the company officially entered the exhibition cabinet site for installation. After 13 days of on-site installation, all Exhibition cabinets were installed.

Above: independent display high cabinet, 1200 * 400 * 3750mm, main material: stainless steel + white oak bark + Black artificial stone, weight: 400kg

Above: curved high and low display combination cabinet, 5800 * 800 * 3750m, total weight 4000kg, main material: iron plate + oak veneer + Black DuPont artificial stone + LED light bar

Above: Oval central island display cabinet, 3800 * 600 * 1750mm, weight 1500kg, iron plate + white oak skin + DuPont beige / Brown artificial stone hot bending arc + LED light bar

Above: Bakery display cabinet, iron plate + quartz stone + stainless steel plating brass + ultra white glass

Above: Fruit display cabinet, iron plate + DuPont grey artificial stone + stainless steel plating brass + Black frosted stainless steel

Above: stainless steel frame of Zhongdao steak bar + gray DuPont artificial stone + Black DuPont artificial stone + brass stainless steel + LED light bar


Annual best CP combination of artificial stone and metal

  In the interior design, when the marble element with compelling temperament collides with the metal full of luster, it always has a charming sense of CP, one is cold and proud, the other is warm. The relationship between them complement each other and complement each other. It not only shows a design style leading the trend, but also an artistic presentation of quality life style.

Above: Seafood ice bucket

  Because the marble has distinct layers and rich changes, both in texture and temperature, it perfectly matches the metal with warm luster, bringing a unique visual feast to the viewer.

Above: salad Island Bar

Above: a display stand in a protected area

Above: food area display cabinet A

Above: food area display cabinet B

Above: food area display cabinet C

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