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2019 Best Design for Display Showcase Provided by Funroad

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display Showcase    Author:Funroad Exhibition &    Visit:205    Pubtime:2020-09-17 15:45:29

2019 Best Design for Display Showcase Provided by Funroad

Funroad provides a wide range of display showcases for option, such as Jewelry Display Showcase, Cosmetic Display Showcase, Cell Phone Display Kiosk, Clothing Display Showcase, Handbag & Shoes Display Showcase, Watch Display Showcase, Optical Ark Showcase, Salon Display Showcase, Food & Beverage Kiosk and Pharmacy Display Showcase. Today I’d like to introduce three kinds of best sale display showcases:

1. Jewelry Display Showcase

Jewelry Showcase at Funroad is high quality and stylish for your store furniture and exhibit your various of jewellery. It can be a square jewelry kiosk, a round jewelry display counter or a wall-mounted jewelry showcase; it can be wooden or glass jewelry display case, or you can also customized a display showcase with your ideas at Funroad.

2. Cosmetic Display Showcase

There are different kinds of Cosmetic Showcases provided by Funroad. You can order a unique and customized showcase cabinet to display a series of makeup and skin care products. This customized makeup kiosk for your retail store from Funroad is budget at the best prices. Free and good professional design is offered for people who order a display case at Funroad --Never let you down!

3. Cell Phone Display Kiosk

Different Kinds of Cell Phone Display Kiosks at Funroad are ready to be order now! This wooden display case is used to exhibit your brand cell phone, like iPhone display case, Huawei display counter, Samsung display showcase, Xiaomi display cabinet and so on. Come Funroad to get this customized display cabinet for cell phone retail store, you will never be let down!

If you have any question or ideas with your new open retail store furniture, you can contact us at Tel: +8613902971377, Email: sale@szfunroad.com

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