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21 century foreign and domestic jewelry display cabinet design style difference!

Source:珠宝展示柜台厂家     Author:凡路商业展示    Visit:639    Pubtime:2017-10-23 10:06:05

Know jewelry shelves according to every road company, a lot of jewelry design company designers are exhibiting ark use of company training opportunity to go abroad to study foreign outstanding cases and the style of work, and combining the design features of their own company to design more accord with the domestic, more fashion, more avant-garde exhibition shelves.

The designers of the display cabinets are impressed by the display and display cabinets of the jewelry exhibition, which are very different from the domestic exhibition cabinets.Understand the shelves should be all know, the current domestic booth layout is regular, decorate the props is relatively single, basic is the mass production can be directly put on the market category, seldom have their own unique creative design of props.It is easy for designers to get stuck in a rigid position, and creative personality design and layout are not to be said.

From foreign jewelry cases, by contrast, the design and style characteristics, rarely see duplicate and similar design elements, different stores and shopping centers, exhibition and in different parts of the booth decoration, presents a different design style, is a characteristic, come in!Many of their display cabinets are designed with unique creative designs or creative props, giving people an intuitive feel.It may be in the domestic display case more, this difference is felt fresh.

In addition, a seemingly simple block store package on rough paper material, matched with delicate necklace or a pendant of embossing process, in contrast to the performance of the material form, give a person with striking visual effect.This is the successful booth layout, the economic cost is not high, exquisite is the idea.The composition of the design props is different in style, using the expression of the spirit of The Times to use the "dot" composition.Use the natural scatter diagram to obtain the changeable visual effects.

The scattered points constitute, simple but orderly, disperse and not disorderly, lively and changeable.This combination brings different psychological feelings and artistic charm.The composition of the scattered points is like a beautiful melody of silk and bamboo.This is one of the places where many domestic designers are worth learning.

In summary, the design style of foreign and domestic display cabinets is more focused on customer experience and creative design, so it is more intuitive to express the design ideas and significance of the display case.

At the same time, went up from the Angle of art appreciation and foreign cases and design out of the monotony of the marks of "luxury" and "wealth", more in line with the language of art, closer to the fashionable crowd unique pursuit of life, not blindly follow the trend, that right is the best, pursue is the unique taste.These are also worthy of the attention of domestic designers.

This article is provided by the direct selling factory of the cosmetics display counter of the road: 20 years of experience in the design of cosmetics display cabinet, which will help you to quickly promote brand value.

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