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5. Analyze the design effect of jewelry display case and the actual difference

Source:珠宝展柜厂家    Author:凡路商业展示    Visit:686    Pubtime:2017-09-14 10:26:50

It is the designer's expectation of the counter when it comes to the expression of the counter effect, which is different from the actual result.


The difference in space size.In order to enhance the indoor effect of narrow space, the draftsman or designer often adopts the non-human visual expression, the lens USES the wide Angle, the lens height is 0.7 meters from the ground,

Make room space appear more open, make effect picture contain content more.This causes the drawing space to be larger than the visual space, giving the illusion of a large house.The angular view of many renderings is where you can't be.

For example, in the corner of the house or standing outside the house, you can see the scene through the wall.


2. Texture and color difference.The results showed a difference between the bright colors and the actual counter results.Today's renderings can be used to simulate reality, but if some of the materials in reality do not work well,

Designers and drafters will improve the visual effects of these materials.The finish of floor tile, reflect degree of reflection, the simple sense of wallpaper, the color of emulsioni paint bright color can pass the adjustment of hue saturation color order and contrast to make the effect that transcends reality.


Differences in the production of goods by non-counter companies.Renderings are often matched with furnishings and accessories. In reality, these items are difficult to be consistent with the effect drawing, which can confuse the perception of the result of the counter and improve the result of the counter.

Accessories are not created by designers and draftsmen, but by using off-the-shelf models that can't be exactly the same if you want to copy them completely at the counter.


The difference between light intensity and Angle.The light of the rendering can be fully simulated.If the actual situation is not satisfactory, the producer of the renderings will change the intensity, Angle, direction and even light of the light.

The artificial setting does not exist the light source has reached the ideal expectation beyond the reality.Sunlight, for example, can be irradiated from an impossible Angle, or the room's brightness can't be as balanced as a rendering.


The differences between the designer and the designer.Good designers don't always have good renderings, and good renderings are not necessarily a good design.The designer's imagination is not in sync with the drawing skills or the cartographers' understanding, and the imaginary counter results can't be fully displayed or the results can show the results of a counter that can't be done.


At present, the decoration company produces two kinds of renderings: fee rendering and free renderings.Whether it's a fee-based rendering or a free renderings, you'll end up charging or expecting a fee.The fee rendering plan is to collect the design fee and the drawing fee in advance. The free effect picture is to attract the owner's counter with the effect drawing.


The final product of the paid-effect diagram is these drawings, which are responsible for the results of the counter.The ultimate goal of free rendering is to have the owner pay counter, which is not an end not a result but a means to the process.


In comparison, the charging effect picture is closer to the actual counter results, and the free effect graph as a marketing method is more beautiful than the actual result, which is more different from the actual counter results.

This article is provided by the direct selling manufacturer of all road jewelry display cabinets: 20 years of experience in display cabinet design for jewelry stores, which will help you to improve your brand value quickly.

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