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A case study of the consumer's preference for display cases?

Source:深圳珠宝展柜厂家    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:516    Pubtime:2018-04-11 10:19:16

A case study of the consumer's preference for display cases?The performance and expectation of consumer behavior is also related to consumers' cultural background and buying habits.

1: before display cabinet designers in the design, to deal with the client's background and characteristics, purchase intention and purchase requirements, purchase decision, such as consumer preferences for in-depth analysis and research, from which sums up to impress the target customer group of design elements and design concept.Subject of intentionality, due to the needs of the body or hobby and consciously will consciousness focused on something, customer's attention to the goods often need to guangzhou outfit Suggestions and remind of production design staff, at the same time, show display design staff in a certain sense also way of living and consumption habits of customers and the whole activity to play an important guiding role.It reflects the awareness and selectivity of objective things.

This also determines how to display the form, the display plan, the lighting configuration to sell the goods, the shopping atmosphere of the two and shopping emotional appeal have the fundamental difference.But two places to provide goods are absolutely different, and the former is high price, high value goods, for target customer group is a small group, while the latter is absolutely in the form of mass consumption, provide more goods such as household goods, electronic goods and food, target customer group is a common citizen.

2: the depth of stimulation refers to the intensity of external stimuli and the changes of the excitations;

Attention is the direction and concentration of mental flow to certain things.The supermarket, however, chooses to "push your own cart", saving time and plenty of options.Some traditional famous brand stores, such as jewelry stores and senior clothing stores, etc., is a clerk to customers one to one way of consumption, customers often pay, and some even willing to waiting for several hours to buy the right goods.

For example, the greeting in the store is very hospitable in Japan, and the European and American and other Asian regions may be very unaccustomed.Thought characteristics of the background of the target customer base, purchase, purchase requirements, resolution purchase programme, such as consumer preferences for in-depth analysis and study of science, has come to the conclusion that moved to the target customers of the design elements and design concept.Within the clothing store of goods is complete, for example, if trade exhibition shelves display design staff in place to make a design model, will make a complete set of clothes look beautiful and moving, thus driving the whole clothing shoes and hats and even decorative accessories sales, on the other hand also to guide the way customers clothing wear.

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