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A good jewelry display cabinet can catch the eyes of passers-by quickly!

Source:凡路展柜厂    Author:凡路展柜厂    Visit:223    Pubtime:2020-01-10 10:28:54
In jewelry stores, all jewelry display cabinets are designed to make jewelry visible, liked and selected. Therefore, the most important thing in the design of jewelry display cabinets is the analysis and positioning of commodity attributes. How to develop appropriate display cabinet theme? How can the goods displayed catch the casual eye of the passer-by quickly? Different products should choose what kind of display cabinet techniques, create the best stage of products, these are the focus of jewelry display cabinet design.

Themes embody moving situations or stories

Buddha wants gold clothes, man wants clothes, and if he wants to make his goods shine, he must create a better situation for him. Look at the nature of people like to listen to stories, if the origin of jewelry, materials, design or use of scenes can be transformed into moving stories to narrate, it will certainly make the goods more attractive.

Design Style of Subject Goods

Successful jewelry display cabinet design, is to echo and foil the advantages of goods, therefore, style should be closely linked to the main role of goods. For example, the design of clothing stores should conform to the main style and marketing objectives of clothing sales. If franchised stores, they should have brand image, but also need to pay attention to the durability of space hardware. Avoid changing seasons and feeling out of place.

Show shopkeeper theme like stage design

Whether the shop window or the showroom in the shop is the stage, we should show the goods conscientiously. In order to catch the eyes of the guests quickly, it is suggested to increase the sense of beauty by referring to the techniques of stage design or viewing them as three-dimensional stills. Careful composition, enhancement of contrast and lighting can make the products such as the main characters illuminated, while the surrounding colors and materials, shapes and lines are like green leaves foil here.

This is the introduction of a good jewelry display cabinet that can quickly catch the eyes of passers-by. We look forward to cooperating with you.
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