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A summary analysis of the problem of the installation of the watch display cabinet.

Source:手表展示柜台厂家    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:631    Pubtime:2017-11-09 09:42:19

As the saying goes, learning without thinking is Labour lost; thought without learning is perilous.It is the same with the watch display case!The shenzhen Funroad watch display container factory can maintain a long and prosperous environment in the fierce market competition, the rapid development, relying on more than a dozen years of practice - summarization - improvement, repeated cycles.

This month's display cabinet production and installation analysis conference comes again, this time we have what new discovery, what new improvement?Let's slowly analyze several aspects of the display cabinet.

Display cabinet production environment

A clean, clean and safe working environment is the foundation of all production work.Every day, we will check the production workshop, fire control channel and staircase corner to ensure the safe and orderly production.Not only guarantee the healthy development of the factory itself, but also to the surrounding environment protection, brother unit and other plays the cooperation, demonstration role.

Display cabinet process optimization

He who has a stone, can attack jade.In the production and production of the display case, we are constantly drawing on the excellent cases of the industry, constantly pushing out new products and improving the technological structure to meet the changing demands of customers in the market.

Booth safety

Safety is an important topic that we have emphasized in the beginning and end. It is indispensable for the whole process of container production and display cabinet installation.Security is the lifeblood of our work, and we can't live without it every time.In the process of production and installation, we should take into account the safety of employees, and the use of our workers should take into account the safety of customers.In our work, we must be meticulous and vigilant.

Through this summary analysis, finally the leader also proposed a new direction for the future work, and put forward ten work beliefs:

1 must be innovation, organization must improve the 3, 2 system, 4 must be perfected, ideas must be correct 5, 6, the plan must be thorough management must be strictly 7, work must track 8, difficult must break through 9, execution must be thoroughly 10, the task must be completed

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