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Advantages and disadvantages of common materials used in paint display cabinets

Source:凡路展柜厂    Author:凡路展柜厂    Visit:219    Pubtime:2019-03-29 17:33:09
The main materials of the paint display cabinet are usually iron and wood.

1. Iron sheet material: The advantage is that the material is cheap and the material is lighter. The disadvantage is that the structure changes little. If the whole is made of iron, it lacks the taste of design. Difficult to achieve multiple effects

2. Wood: The advantage is that the structure is adjustable. And the material price is moderate. The disadvantage is that the material is heavy and can achieve various design effects. It is inconvenient and unsuitable for the movement of special cabinet.

The display cabinet processed by baking paint technology is called baking paint display cabinet.

1. Paint bright display cabinet is better than Yaguang

It is not easily discolored, and easy to handle. Usually it can be wiped with a semi-wet towel. If there are any stains that can not be lost, it can be wiped with laundry powder and toothpaste. It is not easy to carry color. It also shines like a new one, and does not want a matte display cabinet. When it is dirty, it needs to be cleaned with a small brush. Because it has pits on the outside, dust is difficult to overlap in the inside.

2. Full-coloured paint display cabinet

Be able to do a variety of appearance, on the product characteristics and product brand image show have a good performance.

3. Paint display cabinet material selection is high-density floor, medium-fibre board, solid wood with high-gloss baking paint or veneer panel, with stainless steel, acrylic, toughened glass and other materials, the lighting effect of the superposition of your shop has a flourishing element.

4. Paint display cabinet, high-grade beautiful, simple and not simple

Inside the display cabinet, the light source is easy to replace and repair, which can fully enhance your product image, brand image and corporate image, and create a better stage for your product display.

5. Paint display cabinet has no fixed standard and can be formed at will. Each component can be flexibly disassembled and installed.

This is the introduction of the advantages and disadvantages of the commonly used materials in the paint display cabinet. Funroad Commercial Show looks forward to cooperating with you.
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