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All road adornment design artistic inspiration

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Stephen    Visit:889    Pubtime:2017-05-13 11:49:40

Spain, a nation has a long and splendid art precipitation, attractive and colorful contemporary design amorous feelings is an important part of its culture, Spain has a reputation for its concise fluent line design, colour is lively and lively characteristics is famous in the world, whether it be a garden villa, pavilions, and interior design, landscape art, make public the earth's surface to show its unique design style, by the world.

China - Spanish design center, is a professional design firm internationalization, gathered here Spain international influence of the largest and most prestigious interior design office in Madrid 05 - AM - Asociado notable designers like arik levy and Barcelona.Excellent work team, international design concept, for the Chinese and global clients with commercial design service and pleasing to the eye.

China - design center decorate a design in Spain, by Jose Luis notable designers like arik levy (05) and Maisa Mesa (AM) employs a personally, from the space, decoration, lighting, art deeply, each respect to space is decorated the most commercial value, Spanish business miracle.

Design center's main job content is composed of three major parts:

1, interior space design

Every road will invite international interior design master and his team, with professional and technical, to meet the needs of customers from the aspects of design.In the working process of the foreign designers, detailed division of labor, so that you can focus on their professional designers, to provide customers with the best commercial and residential design, including: brand design, concept design, store design, and related business cases.

2, the design creativity training lectures and related design

The voice of the design from Spain - regularly invite international famous designers to design creative training lectures and related design.To provide domestic local designers understand the western developed countries the opportunity to design concept, will be the design concept of domestic to international.The Spanish culture and buildings will be for more Chinese people understand, will further promote the exchange of Chinese and Spanish culture and architecture.

3, the creative culture exhibition

All the way to cooperate with famous prado museum in Madrid and individual collectors, on display in China - Spanish design center a series of literature and art, craft work, while Spain awareness, a chance for the Chinese collection hobby first glimpse of historical relics.By then, will display a large number of western oil painting, sculpture, art crafts.

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