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All the road display counter is popular, the wooden jewelry display ark knowledge!

Source:深圳展柜厂    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:620    Pubtime:2017-11-25 09:39:02

Wooden display case refers to the use of different wood, such as the medium fiber board, density board, particle board and various kinds of different wood species such as fir, the oak production of the display props, mainly made by the display cabinet factory.

Wooden display ark: the main is environmental protection type plank material, with special fire prevention board add all sorts of adornment material and glass cover make up.There is no fixed standard, but according to the commodity demand and the ground position, can do the standard shape and the alien display ark.

Wooden display ark basically has five kinds of cabinet body form, respectively be tall ark, low ark, cash register, water table, zhongdao ark.

Tall ark also called clothes closet, is one of the wooden cases, in wooden cases and the space position of the general's position against the wall, tall ark classified storage products to more than two-thirds of storefront, there are many tall ark design style, according to the difference of different products, of course, decorate, with their clothing under analysis, such as men's clothing is generally hangs Taiwan, and other clothing under general is wall-mountable and hangs Taiwan, grid together;Wooden high cabinet in the layout of storefront general need to pay attention to vent, fire hydrant and so on equipment.

Checkout is easy to understand, but its role is not only a single knot payment functionality, the counter is down the location of the space at the same time, there are three kinds of general arrangement, export, is a kind of store is a store the central image in front of the wall, one is the division of different space layout multiple checkouts;According to different arrangement way to reflect different function, but at the same time with the collection function, the color enhancement function, the collection function is the main.

Wooden water station in store of tall ark cabinet, such as the register form of space inside, most of the material for paint and stainless steel, etc., at the same time there are also some special high-quality goods ark use of titanium alloy and acrylic and so on.

Wooden island ark is typical example of increase at the same time enhance the level of display space, island ark, generally in the middle of the entity ark, similar to the "hollowing out" increase the space in the middle is the same principle, specific about the content of the wood island ark of discourse.

The development of wood display cabinet is divided into:

(1) traditional high-quality display cabinet.Including: floor frame, wooden display cabinet, drawer wooden display cabinet, cabinet type rack, U frame, cantilever frame, grille, saddle, cylinder cylinder rack, tire special wooden display cabinet, etc.

(2) new boutique display cabinet.Include: rotating wooden shelves, movable wooden shelves, prefabricated high-quality goods reveals ark, adjust the tray type high-quality goods reveals ark, high-quality goods reveals ark, into the car type high-quality goods reveals ark, high-level high-quality goods reveals ark, attic type high-quality goods reveals ark, gravity type high-quality goods reveals ark, screen hanging type high-quality goods reveals ark, etc.

In recent years, the wooden display cabinet shows the following development trend:

1. Slowly replace the iron display cabinet.Wood display cabinet adopts the renewable environmental friendly wood plank material as the main raw material, not only fire prevention and deformation, but the texture is soft, color bright, the vision is also more comfortable.As main application market of cases to the supermarket, its fresh region a large number of fresh meat, seafood and quick-frozen products, if use wooden cases, the original wooden change iron product of curt, is given priority to with warm color tone can foil more fresh atmosphere, thereby significantly stimulate the customer's desire, in improving the effect of goods on display, increase the added value of goods and raw commodity sales and profits are also improved, and it is important that stores by wooden cases to build a farmers' market to horse and the high quality of atmosphere, customer loyalty is also improved.

2. In order to effectively cooperate with promotional activities, the series of wooden display cabinets will form a strong sales atmosphere in the short term. A single POP advertisement is not up to the task.To this end, multiple types of POP advertising media can be used simultaneously, so that the turnover can be increased rapidly, so now the wooden display cabinet has been developed from single to series.Although POP advertising in China is still in its infancy.But we should still be aware of that.

3. Absorption and synthesis of new technologies.With the development of science and technology, new technology, new technology, new materials constantly emerging, the sound, light, electricity, laser, computer, automatic control technology combined with wooden shelves, produced a batch of new forms of POP advertising.Using high-tech technology to make wooden display cases, although the cost is higher, its effect is not the ordinary POP advertisement cannot and.

This article is provided by the direct selling manufacturer of all road jewelry display cabinets: 20 years of experience in display cabinet design for jewelry stores, which will help you to improve your brand value quickly.

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