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All the road display factory to popularize LED optoelectronic industry high - tech!

Source:深圳展柜设计定制厂家    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:282    Pubtime:2018-05-19 11:33:09

The LED optoelectronics industry has recently been updated by some people from LED display channel industry practitioners to infer their company's development and personal anxiety index.Whether it's entertainment or an interesting "anticipation", the "channel-oriented" LED display business in 2018 May not be so good.Industry insiders predict that 2018 will be a "channel" for the year.Domestic LED display channels and new changes in 2017?

With fierce competition, the part of the wholesale business of LED display module, or exit the industry, was eventually forced to transition or specialized is engaged in engineering or leasing vendor products OEM or OEM production services, business is focused on the LED display product development and production.

To be sure, the cost and price of the LED are the bottom line, and the current channel manufacturers have sacrificed a thousand, and since losing eight hundred businesses, they must not be long.

Other channel manufacturers also face the embarrassing situation, cannot be ignored.To win the "beating" in the LED display business channel, to do everything possible to expand the channel, also faced with the original channel of franchisee turbulence.

LED display industry after nearly 40 years of development, some experienced distributors and contractors on the properties and application of LED products already very understand, become dissatisfied with many dealers and contractors for certain service LED display manufacturers.In order to maximize their own interests, some dealers and contractors began to rely on their own advantages, both ways, their own project, engaged in the project, even depend on the pressure of the "owner" (manufacturers) to take advantage of the price.These dealers and engineering contractors have changed so that today's LED display industry has formed a mass assembly market.

Initially, some LED display channels for enterprises to win the dealer, the project contractor, tend to make all kinds of lang's behavior, but in the face of the temptation of greatest interest, these "partners" may soon become rivals.

In summary, with the multiple influences of raw material price, price war and bulk assembly market, 2017 May be the watershed in combination with the market situation of this year.Most channels oriented suppliers could integrate this year, channel manufacturers or death in the competition, or transformation, or into the wholesale channels channels of wholesale enterprise production or to provide professional services supporting manufacturers.The channel of the future may leave only three or five companies, who?It may take a new round of tragic market competition to see the results.

LED display business channel war.

In recent years, the competition of LED display industry has become increasingly fierce, and the industry seems to be in a vicious circle, and the profitability is getting higher and higher. The enterprise needs to expand the effect and keep the gross profit rate stable.However, in 2016, as the price of upstream raw materials, epitaxial chips and middleware rose, the growth of LED display enterprises did not increase profits.With the fierce competition and homogenization of products, many LED display companies have begun to realize the limitations of traditional sales model and service system.The importance of which channel is more and more important, from the original single sales model, systematic, professional channel operation mode changes.

Generally speaking, there is a good channel that can help enterprises to do a good job quickly, to do big and strong, to help enterprises to gain a better position in the fierce market competition."Channel is the world" is widely recognized and respected in the industry.But it is inevitable that many companies are rushing into the "war of channels".

Since last year, when prices of raw materials and LED components have been priced, many manufacturers have started to demand higher prices for their products.In the fierce competition, in the case of low profit, the price of raw materials is also very unhappy.But people fall under the glasses, in the words of a number of channels for manufacturers, are talking about rising prices, a shenzhen company issued this year prices slogan, a series of products are a drop of 20% or more.

A ripple, the enterprise is a great "defiance of the world" spirit, the entire industry has been subjected to violent shock.It's just that the price is going up, and the other side is the price, and this is a small group of wheat, which makes the screens that are going to go up in price are very embarrassing, and the LED photoelectric industry is high-tech.

The above article is provided by shenzhen fan road display cabinet manufacturer, 20 years display cabinet design experience, 2018 will help you to rapidly improve the brand value.

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