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Brain tong big carry out ark design!A shop display cabinet that can be deformed at will

Source:深圳珠宝展柜厂    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:610    Pubtime:2017-12-05 10:00:18

Nowadays, the demand for counters is more and more diversified, and the design and production of counters directly affect the sales of goods and the brand image of enterprises.To be able to do these, the display counter must have the key, the hierarchy, its every detail layout, the collocation of the light color is very important.

The design company from shenzhen has designed an interesting retail counter for the local shopping center and named "pop up box".Its versatile design enables the counter to be both open and open retail space, as well as a display counter for retail and exhibition.The independence of the counter is very good, not only practical and beautiful.

A commodity to sell, in addition to its excellent product design, product quality of many reasons to take the initiative to attract consumers to buy, many consumers are in the market is not attracted to attractive products on shelves so, so the design of the a product counter for sales of the products is very important.

In addition to the counter, l also designed a "food corner" for the shopping center to use a coffee shop device.The designer assembled all the diners at two public long tables.More interestingly, a visual image of the internal counter to counter on the lateral wall of the two monitor display, in this way, passing pedestrians don't need to walk into the counter can see the situation in the counter.

The counter design is to show the advantages of the goods in all aspects, so the counter design must conform to the product's characteristics and image temperament.A creative, artistic display counter can bring high attraction to the product, and the excellent overall modeling effect can enhance the product level.

There is also a floor outlet inside the counter, which can charge the fixed lamps and other appliances inside the counter and solve all the energy needs inside the counter.The counter unit is made of walnut, and the dark brown tones inherent in walnut make a wonderful contrast with the natural color of the inner stone tiles inside the shopping center.

The atmosphere is relaxed and delicate, making everyone present feel at home and equipped with a built-in USB charging station that allows people to recharge their devices.The specific seating area on the other side creates a sense of intimacy with the surrounding green plants. The two groups of dining areas are in line with the retail counter.

The box has a total size of 9 square meters and can be expanded to 30 square meters when opened. If the space is large enough, it can also be expanded to a larger size.When it is completely closed, it can peek inside the interior through a perforated metal plate.

The designer also designed the same style of table and chair matching series

Once opened, the inner space is fully open and can be arranged differently depending on the needs.How to be able to customize a suitable place to place goods, and have very good display effect counters, is today's big business is worth pondering.

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