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Characteristics of toughened glass

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:238    Pubtime:2017-06-27 10:49:45
Glass display
It is well known that light through glass is about to change.What is called presentation is the ability to see the exhibits through the glass, and to see the convergent properties of the exhibits.It can be divided into two indicators: transmittance and reflectivity.
Annealed glass by high temperature and quench cooling, the surface to form a powerful compressive stress, increase the mechanical strength of glass several times, several times the strength of the former is the latter, tensile degrees is 3 times more than the latter, shock is more than five times as much as the latter, toughened glass surface stress is: 69 ~ 168 Mpa.
The display cabinet glass with high reflective rate, the light is easy to reflect when entering the glass, the audience can see reflection from the glass, affect the visual effect.Although ultra-white glass has high transmittance, the reflectivity is not ideal, and it is easy to form a figure.At present, there are several glass manufacturers in China that can produce low-reflective glass with a reflection rate of less than 1%, which basically can't see the human figure during the visit, and basically solve the problem of reflectivity.
The jewelry display glass cut off the display and the environment, must be firm.Safety is the property of resisting force through glass without breaking.It can also be divided into two indexes: fastness and anti - detonation.
After rupture, small and small obtuse granule, no significant harm to the human body.High strength: generally four times the strength of ordinary glass and above.Deflection: 3 ~ 4 times larger than normal glass.Thermal stability: tempered glass with good thermal stability, can withstand the temperature of about 110 ° C.
Type of glass:
Ordinary n0-body but clear glass, white glass), have tempered glass, hollow glass, ice to crack the glass, painting glass, coated glass, carved glass, art glass (water lines, waterfalls, grid lines, etc.), multiple star glass and so on.
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