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Common sense of daily maintenance of display cabinets in shenzhen exhibition cabinet factory of Funroad

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:凡路深圳展柜厂    Visit:265    Pubtime:2018-06-11 11:59:28

Every time you see a piece of furniture in your home covered with dust or left with stains, do you always feel dirty and want to clean it with a cloth?Actually not only is the furniture in the home or the display cabinet of the shop also so, once appeared besmirch and dirt can affect integral aesthetic feeling, leave bad impression to consumer people.

But when wiping reveals ark, don't too rude, also cannot use dirty rag wipe shelves, more can't use the heavy cloth to wipe, it will come back to hurt the surface of the shelves.

The best tool to wipe the display cabinet is the towel, cotton cloth and cotton fabrics, which have better water absorption and can play a better role in the process of wiping the display cabinet.If you use coarse cloth and cloth with buttons and zippers, the surface of the display cabinet will be scratched.

Not only did not remove the stain in the display cabinet surface left scratch, this should be how sad urge.Therefore, in order to let the booth do not accept any harm, must be careful to wipe.

Also, if there is dust on the surface of the display cabinet, please do not use the cloth.Because dust is made up of fiber, sand, and silica, it can cause a lot of fine particles to scratch the surface of the prop if it is wiped with a cloth.

Even if the inside did not suffer serious injury, also can make the lacquer that reveals ark surface drops down, lose original aesthetic feeling.These scratches are invisible to the naked eye, but over time the display cabinet will become darker and darker.

The dust was a color a lot of people think if cases and cases to have a day to wipe, wipe almost every day, not really need daily cleaning, wipe the words every day because of you, may be in the intangible greatly shorten the service life of the storefront.

Believe everybody already knew daily maintenance basically, want to know, what show ark action is very big not only to use, still have more is to show a product, still have beautiful.If I can maintain the display cabinet of various materials well,

It can be used for a long time, so you must take good care of your own booth!

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