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Craft wine rack booth

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Stephen    Visit:1141    Pubtime:2017-05-05 10:36:11

The existing technology, bottled wine show in addition to the display function, increased the appearance of aesthetic requirements.The appearance of the product function is: is a kind of handicraft, can not only for people to enjoy the decoration effect;Or put the red wine shelf.The above products have only placed the function of red wine, without considering the increasing of glass display the function of the atmosphere, and there is no consideration to reduce the volume that is convenient to receive, transport, and other issues.

Invention content utility model to solve technical problems, providing a kind of multi-functional receive and convenient transportation, wrought iron wine frame are displayed.The utility model solve the problem of its technology adopted by the technical scheme is: show a wrought iron wine frame, used for bottled wine show, including body wine, the wine body frame folded the handlebars of a curved piece of adaptation with bottled wine bottle;Roof cup frame, the roof beverage holder can hook the glass;Crossover vehicle vertical bar, the cup frame, respectively, on both ends of the stem and the top of the body wine and beverage holder detachable connection.

Beneficial effects: the above technical scheme, the cup frame, respectively, on both ends of the stem and the top of the body wine and beverage holder a detachable connection, in the transport and storage, wrought iron show the wine rack can be split into three parts to receive, make the occupied space is narrow, achieved the purpose of easy to receive transportation;Show and wrought iron wine frame not only have the functions of display of bottled wine, also has the function of the glass display together, increase the display of glass make ornamental and practical at the same time, increase the artistic atmosphere, make the utility model of wrought iron wine frame display has display bottles and glasses at the same time practical and ornamental function.

As a further improvement on the above technical scheme, detachable connection is a threaded connection.As another kind of improvement for the above technical scheme, the hook is in horizontal.Placed the hook is more conducive to receive.As a further improvement on the above technical scheme, also includes the attached it is body wine, the roof stand and stand the surface prevent waste their stem rust paint layer.The improved further improve waste their functions, make on display in the window, wrought iron can show the wine rack antiknock waste their.

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