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Design and manufacture of high-end jewelry display cabinets color tone!

Source:深圳珠宝展示柜台厂家    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:585    Pubtime:2017-12-04 09:40:09

A good jewelry display ark, or a class of cases, has its different themes, different grade in the inside, plays a decisive factor is the color of the storefront, just as cosmetics under general with pure white, red and white and light color, give a person the sense with bright and clean, and jewelry cases with golden color, rose color, brown wait for comparing ZhuangGui, there is a generous, noble feeling, clothing is a different season, different style, make the clothing shelves of different grade.From the following 3 points, we can be deeply aware of the color of the display cabinet design, the jewelry display cabinet production of how much impact

1. Determine the color tone of the booth according to the theme of the display cabinet and the time of the display, which is high profile and low-key;It's warm, it's cold.In the case of a historic theme, the color should be heavy, steady and low-key, to reflect a vicissitudes of history, traditional culture is dignified.For some of the exhibition counter activities, it is always designed to be close to the lively high tone of life, stimulating the consumption desire of visitors, enthusiastic exchange of atmosphere, and promote the occurrence of floor trading.

General commercial display ark activity, mostly adopt neuter, downy, gray sex tonal, to highlight the exhibits, easy to obtain colour harmony.From the time aspect of the display case, should consider the season cold and heat, the temperature difference and the color design is biased.If, in winter display ark, outdoor cold, the color design of the whole exhibition field should be given priority to with warm tone, give a person psychology with "warm feeling, warm feeling", match with person's psychological demand.Also, in the exhibition ark that holds in summer, outdoor temperature is very high, design should be given priority to with cool color, give a person with the feeling of calm, cool, the visitor will be in favour of this display ark naturally.

2. According to the property of the display cabinet and the display cabinet, the special color of suzhou booth shall be determined.Generally speaking, the standard color of the display cabinet marks is the special color for the display cabinet.A display cabinet has its own logo standard color.In the color design of the exhibition area, we should make full use of the special color of the display cabinet, including wall posters, flying flags, POP advertisements, indicating signs and so on.For visitors to enter the exhibition hall, there is a full visual contact with the display symbol color, thus forming a deep memory for the display symbol, which is conducive to the formation of the brand effect of the display cabinet.Meanwhile, it is conducive to the harmonious unification of color in the field.

3. Determine the color relationship between each exhibition area according to the location division of the exhibition area.Each exhibition area has the unity and the change of individuality, making it a rhythm and rhythmological relationship.From the broad scope of the whole exhibition field, the tone should be harmonious and unified, each of the exhibition area hues is a kind of smooth and gradual relationship.At the same time, the various exhibition areas form a kind of color that is more consistent with the nature of the exhibits in this exhibition area, which is different from other exhibition areas.It is not tedious to lose the interest of inquiry, nor is it bewildering and bewildering.

This article is provided by the direct selling manufacturer of all road jewelry display cabinets: 20 years of experience in display cabinet design for jewelry stores, which will help you to improve your brand value quickly.

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