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Design elements of Shenzhen fashion exhibition cabinet customization

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:102    Pubtime:2020-09-23 14:14:49

1. Regional elements

   It is necessary to consider the regional factors in the customization process of Shenzhen garment display cabinet. Firstly, it refers to the size of the display cabinet and how to arrange the orientation between various parts. The initial perception of these characteristics is the primary factor that should be considered in the customization process of Shenzhen garment display cabinet.

   Of course, the regional elements also include the fit between the display cabinet and the display position, as well as the harmony between the color of the display cabinet and the clothing series, display orientation, lighting, etc. This is together with the concept of colorology. It should help to make the deployment of various colors more harmonious, and focus on the positioning of commodities, so as to determine whether the visual sense of users should be strict? Modern? Fashion? New generation? It is still the other orientation to coordinate and allocate the customized color of Shenzhen clothing display cabinet. The specific embodiment is that the harmony between the goods and the display cabinet should give people a logical feeling, rather than the great gap between the two. As a result, it will be difficult for consumers to deepen their recollection of your products in the varied information of the store.

2. Aesthetic elements

   Secondly, we should consider the aesthetic elements of people, which is mainly reflected in the balance and stability of the relative orientation of the display cabinet itself and the display cabinet and the display place. If the stability and balance are excellent, the brand can convey the meaning of the brand to consumers very well, and the overall sense is various, such as relaxed and pleasant, elegant and severe, etc.

   Then, in the process of Shenzhen clothing display cabinet customization plan, the management department of Shenzhen Funroad decoration display cabinet should pay attention to the above two elements together, and also pay attention to the harmony of the store, brand, commodity and users, and carry out the customized plan of Shenzhen clothing display cabinet from the point, line and surface, and produce the conception display cabinet with the innovation driven mechanism, so as to make the brand merchant take off from the store It's out of the green.

   After dealing with these relatively difficult questions, the customization plan of Shenzhen clothing display cabinet should also have nothing to do with the details. For example, it is necessary to deal with the practicability of the display cabinet, let the brand promotion personnel operate simply, and let the consumers simply see and obtain the commodity information; compared with dealing with the environmental protection problems of the display cabinet, the display cabinet as a store directly contacts with a large number of people, Environmental protection must be done well. For example, the layout of commodities is a question.

3. Layout elements

   Brand is not only the policy of layout and sales, but also these goods are integrated into the air of the store and play an indispensable role in the store. The layout plan of commodities not only reflects a static information in the store, but also largely transforms into visual dynamic information, which affects the consumer behavior. Therefore, the customized plan of Shenzhen clothing display cabinet should be in cooperation with the business The combination of product layout and display makes the selling smell of goods revealed between the display cabinet and the commodity layout. Therefore, the successful product layout and display cabinet itself is also a "static salesman".

   On the premise of mastering the layout information, the customized plan of Shenzhen clothing display cabinet is carried out,It is necessary to classify the key merchandises and the key recommended commodities, classify the high-grade, middle-grade and resist commodities, and lay out the principle of clear primary and secondary importance in the layout, and give the prominent position and intense visual feeling to the key commodities.

   Only need to fully consider the above questions, do a good exchange, step-by-step to carry out Shenzhen clothing display cabinet customization plan, talent out of high-quality products.
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