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Design high - end atmosphere jewelry display case to pay attention to a few points!

Source:深圳珠宝展柜厂    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:540    Pubtime:2018-02-08 10:21:38

The jewelry display cabinet of the general upscale atmosphere has always been favored by the jewelry merchants, however, it is not an easy thing to achieve the "upscale atmosphere".On the one hand, the exhibition cabinet design and production company should cater to consumers' aesthetic views, and strive to be innovative and outstanding in style, and to adapt to local conditions and local tastes.On the other hand, we also have different jewelry brand publicity concept, may be some of them should be highlighted sweet romance, some want to highlight the noble and elegant, but in any case, our goal is in the integration of the concept on the basis of design and making the catering to local tastes of upscale atmosphere jewelry cases.

Every road jewelry shelves on the design and manufacture has been the industry benchmark, accomplish "high-grade, atmosphere" nature is not in words, its shelves "elegant, comfortable, clever" characteristics is to let the counterparts.Today, we will share with you the most important points to pay attention to during the design of the high-end jewelry display cabinet.

First of all, the high - grade atmosphere of the exhibition cabinet is reflected in the application of color.We know, the color is the most direct sense to the person also is one of the most important element, flexible use of different colors and complement each other often can have the effect of the unexpected and pleasing visual enjoyment.To design the style of "high-grade, atmosphere", we will the mass-tone attune of the storefront location black red or riches and honour, in order to avoid color monotone, fusion gold again to try to adorn, increase the store window already so, at the same time by the color of gold well highlights the prestige of the brand.Of course, the choice of color is also not absolute, but we choose "black, rich red" wait for more appear to have sense of sense and class sense.

Secondly, high-grade atmosphere is also reflected in the application of display materials.The application of the materials mentioned here is to highlight the noble, high-grade and heavy feeling of the material, so we generally choose or use the materials like marble and titanium.We know that the marble as the emperor in the decoration materials, no matter how the trend changes, it brings the honorable, massiness is incomparable to other materials, marble jewelry stores, highlighted by the strength of the brand at the same time;Titanium is a very popular material for jewelry store design nowadays.The black titanium is irresistible to the noble temperament, so that customers can get a good spiritual enjoyment when entering the shop.Of course, in the external decoration, we also need to be equipped with the display cabinet, so the overall feeling of the whole store is the upscale atmosphere.In addition, every road show ark reminds you, want to design the display ark that is complementary with storefront adornment also is not an easy thing, you can try to be in the shape design of display ark oneself more work.Because the simple form of small piece of glass is not able to reach the state of the atmosphere.The bold use of a large block of glass beyond the normal size, the interface between the glass to avoid the one side of the customer, the design will undoubtedly bring the customer unusual visual shock.Of course, it is important to emphasize that the large area of glass bending is only a few manufacturers will be able to master and mass production of high-end technology.So try to be in the design of the display cabinet to make a careful choice.

Of course, there are not only these two points, but also the attention details of many aspects, such as the application of LED lighting, the layout design of space, the appearance of the counter...Here small make up also not statement one by one, but it is worth noting that we must have a whole grasp, think big put pen to paper, think small to design and produce satisfactory to tall on the counter.Here, we also hope that our customers can give us more Suggestions, and we will provide you with more and more professional and higher display cases.

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