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Different products have their own display cabinets of different styles

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:凡路深圳展柜厂    Visit:264    Pubtime:2018-06-12 13:29:51

An excellent display cabinet not only has excellent display function, but also can better set off the products to improve the sales of a shop, and also improve the popularity of the brand.If you are a good sales environment, especially in the center set up a storefront location, it is conducive to showcase their products and attract eyeball eyeball, customers located in the conspicuous position of malls cases and this is very common, its effect is obvious.

In large-scale high-end shopping center of the city brand cases have great role in enhance brand reputation, the product of brand construction well can better meet with the consumers, give consumers a complete brand concept.If a brand booth is set up in a high-end shopping mall, the strength and charm of the brand can be further demonstrated, and the brand image of the product can be greatly enhanced.

For the store shelves material choice, on the one hand, based on their budget to estimate, woodiness material price moderate, metal materials, now more popular is stainless steel shelves, such cases when the price is a bit expensive.On the other hand, can choose according to the product and the attributes of the material itself, joinery board and pure color wood grain, stainless steel type and so on, first the joinery board such cases to compare bulky, high density board waterproof of the lacquer that bake, appearance is bright, the second is the pure real wood grain kind of cases, this kind of cases and to store the overall demand is high, especially in the store whole decorate!Finally, stainless steel display case, this kind of display case is suitable for large storefront area, or stores.Cases and there are a lot of types, if there is sure to use their storefront fitment material, looking for professional production cases, can find the shelves factory professional designers ask, somebody else can have professional advice for you!

This article is provided by shenzhen Funroad jewelry display cabinet direct selling manufacturer: 20 years of experience in jewelry store display cabinet design, help you quickly improve brand value in 2018.

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