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Differentiation between MDB and Particleboard Used in Display Cabinet

Source:凡路展柜厂    Author:凡路展柜厂    Visit:271    Pubtime:2019-03-13 17:41:50
In the past 16 years, Funroad Exhibition Cabinet Factory has opened up overseas markets and cooperated with foreign customers, which makes us feel the diversification of exhibition cabinet industry requirements, deepens our understanding of industry connotation knowledge, and further improves our team's professional level and industry competitiveness.

The difference between density board and particleboard can be distinguished by the following five points:


There are great differences in the selection of timber for different vendors. The normal requirement is to select high-quality single species of timber, or even trees of the same age (specially planted) to maintain the uniformity of physical properties. There are great differences in production and processing.


Particleboard and density board processing technology is different, but the normal quality of the two products, using the same material, ingredients, composed of crushed wood and glue, but the size of crushed particles is different;


In practical observation, medium density is difficult to distinguish good from bad by naked eyes because of its fine particles.

Particleboard can take the length, size and uniformity of fibers as the first step to observe. It has uniform color, no slagging, and good quality with compact layers.

Secondly, it can smell on the planed surface. The glue and material used for high quality board are good. The odor of board is the natural odor of wood. The glue odor is almost invisible. The formaldehyde content is very small and the quality is good.


The key is that the quality of the plates used by different manufacturers is different. The difference between the quality of the plates can be roughly distinguished by watching and listening.

Physical properties can be observed by observing whether the defect at the edge of the seal, especially the exposed punching edge, is serious or not, and whether the edge and corner joints of the sheet remain intact.

Open the door and smell the ark. Sometimes the back panel may have a special smell because of material selection. It can be carefully identified as glue or wood, but it must not weep.


In terms of physical properties, there is little difference between plane load-bearing and surface smoothness, which can meet the relevant standards.

The main core material of particleboard is long and thick wood fibre, and its nail holding force and toughness are better than medium density board.

Medium density board has fine material, which is more convenient for finishing and processing furniture parts.

This is the difference between MDB and particleboard, which are commonly used in display cabinets. Funroad Commercial Show is looking forward to cooperating with you.
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