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Every road fine jewelry display case lamp box accessories of the kind of what!

Source:珠宝展示柜台厂家     Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:609    Pubtime:2017-10-28 11:32:40

Shenzhen fan road display container factory gives you a small number of accessories of jewelry display cases, all have the characteristics:

Acrylic light box: this kind of light box is now used most widely, not only on the display case, but also in the outdoor advertisement aspect ratio.

Transparency is excellent, and it can achieve 92% transparency, which is not something that can be achieved in general

Strong weather resistance, resistance to the outside world environmental climate change is too easy, for it to be able to withstand long-term wind rain insolation and not change color, often even for dozens of years all have no problem, can still maintain the original brightness.

Plasticity is strong, it can bend, you want the shape you can do it as long as you can do it, and it can be dyed, silk print all kinds of strengths, the mold coating is not in the words.

There are many varieties of colors to choose from, and the environment is free of pollution.


Glass box: some inferior to acrylic light box, main is to install more convenient, and cases are processed together, usually made the position of the light box, internal installation tubes, paste advertisements, have to install the glass, but change the advertising is not so easy, if not specifically asked many cases and the company will use glass light box production, of course also should according to the style, not all cases are suitable for glass.


Lab light box: this kind of light boxes are usually not installed directly on the shelves, and also more outdoor use, but a lot of cases and will be in another location with the light box, frame made so many this kind of aluminum alloy box is bigger, print advertising and UV printing, the latter more high-grade, may at any time change of the contents of advertisements.The interior is installed as LED lamp bar, which is very efficient and energy-saving.

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