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Excellent jewellery display can make stores increase sales

Source:凡路展柜厂    Author:凡路展柜厂    Visit:43    Pubtime:2018-12-29 17:59:28
Traditional jewelry displays can be called "displays". Velvet, silk and jewelry mats are used as jewellery backgrounds or props. Jewelry is placed in a glass or acrylic box in the base of the base. Of course, this can best protect the jewelry and ensure its safety.

    Today's jewellery displays emphasize the importance of display and use effective props to attract customers' attention, especially in a highly competitive market environment. For example, the jewelry is displayed together with the specularly reflective object, and the light source is combined to bring a second shine to the product. The jewellery display uses a variety of material props on the background, such as wood, pebbles, sand, beans, etc., and is displayed in an open display.

    Make the display look fresh

    The brain receives too many sensory stimuli every day. Almost every five official is busy every day, which means that the brain ignores repeated details or things and usually filters out things we are familiar with. Learn to ignore familiar things, which is why retailers have to change displays, windows and products from time to time. The new, surprise display method will always attract attention for the first time. This is also the basic display rule that seems easy to understand but is ignored by many people because of budget, time and so on.

    Best seller's blank

    Rather than putting all the best-selling products together or in a showcase, it is better to consider partitioning them in different areas, at least in the middle. Can also be used with some slow-moving products to drive the emptying of inventory. This will make the moving line of the retail space more active, and customers will have the desire to travel throughout the store. Blank space is a kind of self-confidence. Even if it is placed in the same window, there should be space between the jewellery and the jewellery. The person’s line of sight is a point to intercept the image, and the appropriate white space is also prominent. The form of emphasis.

    Efficient space utilization

    Maximizing efficiency in a limited retail space is a problem for all retailers. This does not mean that the entire space is filled with jewelry products. Our teaching in the visual space has always been a part of everyone's focus.

An introduction to the excellent jewellery display that will make the store increase sales is here. Funroad Jewelry Display Cabinet is looking forward to working with you.
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