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Exhibition cabinet design and production process introduction!

Source:深圳展柜厂    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:621    Pubtime:2017-11-22 09:54:18

Cases to make every road is the company to provide customers professional, in addition, for cases to make introduction, also there are a lot of watch, together look at the "introduction of cases to make cases to make the order of the".

The display cabinet, also known as counter making, is the process of turning the display cabinet into a product.The raw materials can be made into stores and stores by display cabinet construction drawing and effect drawing.

To demonstrate the perfect theoretical system, it is a theoretical theory.And the display cabinet production is based on practice and derived the theoretical system of practice.

2. The presentation and production also include the design and production of multi-dimensional products, such as displaying the construction drawing and showing the floor plan;And the display cabinet production mainly refers to three-dimensional three-dimensional product production such as the store counter display cabinet, the store display cabinet production, the exhibition hall production and so on.

3. Exhibition cabinets are widely displayed in the field of display and production, and the presentation of the display cabinet is permeated into various disciplines from architecture, calligraphy and IT.Display cabinet production only refers to the store and store production of the market.

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The jewelry display case is made of wooden cabinet:

1. Wood working section: determine the structure of the cabinet (effect drawing · plan of construction) :

A: structure: determine the structure size of the cabinet body

B: materials: 5 per cent, 9 per cent, 12 per cent, 15 per cent high density fiberboard

2. Determine the structure and material, and enter the loading stage:

Cutting division using artificial push Taiwan precision sawing machine will be different models of plank partition, then the nail into the wood to make cases to make order, request line is fluent beautiful modelling, nail pack tightly, full of glue in place.

3. Paint section:

A. Material: national standard paint for 3C certification: (PE white primer, anti-yellowing wear resistant surface paint)

1). Batch mortar: first, the nail eye of the working section of the woodworking section should be filled with the atomic grey, and the joint slot and other depressions of the cabinet, such as too large, should be returned to the woodworking section for technical processing;When the atom ash is dry, use pig blood ash to fill the cabinet body, must not have omission.Then use 240# sandpaper to grind the finished atomic ash and pig's blood ash, then brush the closed and transparent primer. After the paint dry, it is polished with 240# sandpaper, so that the surface of the cabinet is smooth and smooth.

2). Primer: the whole cabinet is painted with PE white primer, so that the cabinet is isolated from the outside world, and there is a moisture-proof and avoiding "cabinet eating paint" phenomenon, which ensures that the finishing coat is more polished and full.

3). Oil mill: when the paint is dry, enter the grinding, then use 240# sandpaper to smooth the body, then use 400#/600#

Sandpaper clear the surface of fine sand

4) finish: cabinet surface exposed portion using manual spray paint, paint the teacher has a good operation level, ensure dust-free painting room and isolation with the outside world, hang cabinet no flow, no particles, uniform surface luster, feel is good, and so on.

4. Package: check the quality of cabinet body paint, hardware fittings, lamp wire installation

A. Packaging materials: pearl cotton, bubble wrap layer, external use protection Angle, paper skin packing, special cabinet use wooden frame, wooden box packaging [2]

Ok, about "cases to make introduction Cases to order ", let's do it today to relate here, if you have any questions, or to hebei under production, every road under factory and want to know, you can telephone counseling, and, of course, also can consult our online customer service!

This article is provided by the direct selling manufacturer of all road jewelry display cabinets: 20 years of experience in display cabinet design for jewelry stores, which will help you to improve your brand value quickly.

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