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Fan Road Display Cabinet Factory: How to match the color of display cabinets and shops

Source:凡路珠宝展柜厂    Author:凡路珠宝展柜厂    Visit:222    Pubtime:2018-09-30 15:07:29
There are all kinds of colors in life that are dazzling, but we always have a preference for the color of the field of vision.

The combination of the color of the retail market is to convey the brand tone and the description, and the second is that the color matching should be overall comfortable and appeal to consumers. Here are a few of the keynotes to talk about the color of the showcase:

Modern style showcase color matching:
The main color: black + white + gray, the showcase design is simplified, the overall display of the modern style of crisp and cold, suitable for some optical shop showcases, men's retail stores, perfume showcase retail stores.
Secondary color: yellow + orange; embellished tones: blue + red + metallic tones, metallic tones can be displayed from materials such as display stands.

LOFT style showcase color matching:
The loft style is an emerging small-sized home decoration style. In some popular shopping malls, the store rents are tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands. Many retail stores have also begun to like the loft style, which is used to decorate the small store, which is prominent in small and beautiful style. More suitable for beverage, coffee retail store showcase design.
Main color: saturated warm white + gray wall +, the ground can be dark material. The materials use industrial materials, iron technology, guardrail technology, steel bars, etc. The showcases are mainly wooden display cabinets with texture preservation.
Secondary color: red + yellow; dotted color: green + metallic.

Japanese style showcase color matching:
Can learn from the MUJI store design. The Japanese-style store decoration is also called "and set up", which is mainly simple and elegant.
Main color: light wood color + brown + white, embellishment color: beige + light gray.

Chinese showcase color matching:
Chinese style store decoration is generally suitable for clothing stores, such as cheongsam stores, etc., mainly based on elegant Chinese style, with ink color as the benchmark color.

American style showcase color matching:
American-style store decoration is generally suitable for home textile retail stores. The American style is inclusive and the overall appearance is comfortable and spacious.
Main color: brown + earthy yellow + reddish brown, embellished color: mint green + ning'men

European style showcase color matching:
The application range is close to the American style, and the embellishment color is white + gold.

The introduction about how the color of the showcase and the store should be matched is here. Funroad Showcase Factory is looking forward to cooperating with you.
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