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Fan Road display cabinet: how to place a jewelry store is reasonable

Source:凡路展柜厂    Author:凡路展柜厂    Visit:240    Pubtime:2018-10-20 17:12:28
Many bosses who open jewelry stores will encounter such a problem, that is, the decoration of jewelry stores. The important point in the decoration of jewelry stores is the display of jewelry stores. Since jewelry stores are places where gold is expensive, it is necessary to make full use of each place here. A space.

    So how to display a jewelry store is reasonable?

    First, the number of displays

    All kinds of goods have a minimum display volume and the highest display volume, and jewelry stores are no exception. If the number is too large, it will become crowded and cheap, and it will not stimulate the desire to buy. Usually, it is 60% of the highest display volume, which can attract customers without being crowded and messy. Deliberate blanking is a very important display technique.

    Second, props assistance

    When displaying products, jewelry stores can use some of the displayed props or auxiliary equipment to enhance the value of the goods. For example, use jewelry props and accessories as an aid to increase the visual effect of the product and improve the grade of the product. At the same time, unique items that attract customers' eyes can be used.

    Third, conspicuous display

    The so-called conspicuous (key product display) display skills, that is, the jewelry store will try to set the most desirable products in a conspicuous place and height, there are two ways to express: the first is called physical display, that is, or The display method of the effective display range. This is a display method for the size and nature of the goods, placing them at a conspicuous height. It is currently focused on manufacturing and is easy to compare with similar products. Specifically, key products can be placed in the vicinity of related products, and their combination can be used to improve their association effect. The second type is called psychological conspicuous display, which means that the product itself looks more beautiful and better, or uses some displayed props or auxiliary tools to enhance the value of the goods.

    Fourth, the display direction

    Direction is a key point in the display of jewelry products. For the choice of direction, we should consider the customer's focus on the purchase of goods. Most of the goods are affixed with the product name and trademark pattern, and the other side indicates the precautions and composition measurement. In short, to show in the direction that customers feel attractive, this is the main point of the exhibition direction. In addition, you should try to show people with a wide face, use the lining to highlight the "quantity" of the goods; or show the person with a beautiful color, giving the customer a stylish, elegant impression. If there is no purpose to stack goods, even if the display volume is large, it will not give people a rich impression.

    V. Coordination exhibition

    Many jewelry stores want to create a customer experience during the exhibition. This is a very good idea, but when it is placed, it is very messy and the layering is not strong. This makes many customers dazzled when they choose products. At the same time, due to the variety of products, the materials vary greatly. If you do not focus on guiding customers, it is really difficult to make up your mind. Therefore, the jewelry store should pay attention to distinguish the product category, style, color, etc. when displaying, and make an overall match according to the positioning of the jewelry store.

    Six, display form

    Different styles of jewellery can be displayed in different styles. There are generally three types: First contrast: a darker-colored item placed next to a brightly colored item makes it a clear contrast. In this way, the two items will surely become more attractive because they are set off against each other. The second symmetry: the symmetrical display has no power, but has a sense of security. Therefore, this method can be used when the number of commodities is large. The third rhythm: in a large, small, and large way, the goods are arranged at intervals, which will produce a rhythmic movement, which can attract customers' attention.

The reasonable introduction to how the jewelry store is displayed is here. Funroad Jewelry Showcase looks forward to working with you.
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