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Five jewelry display cabinet innovative new method!

Source:珠宝展示柜厂家    Author:凡路商业展示    Visit:656    Pubtime:2017-09-19 11:20:10

Commercial space, the mall shopping environment constantly improve the level and development, commercial exhibition industry increases, new, shown lots of innovative ideas, the concept and new technology in constantly enrich the malls and shopping space, enrich people's field of vision.The dramatic changes in space to show all kinds of goods, full of innovation, has the contemporary new commercial space show in front of people, shopping is no longer just shopping, she will bring to people is a kind of new life.

Clothing is worn on the human body, need jewelry match!When the jewelry is sold, of course, it also needs the environment to support, the high-end elegant display cabinet, to the consumer's joyful body and mind feeling, can foil the product's temperament and aesthetics!

Jewelry cases, is the most high-end storefront, in all cases and its production is not like ordinary cases to make simple, it contains a lot of technical process, including material selection, welding, polishing, painting, plating (water) plating, laser, such as installation, its production is a difficult job, it should satisfy various needs of the market, conforms to the standards, do manual work is careful, at the same time making also needs into many demand factor:

1, aesthetic

Jewelry display ark besides quality is exquisite, appearance is also important, no matter which style or any material, the production must achieve a "beautiful" word.Therefore, the display cabinet is not indispensable to the aesthetics, the exhibition counter designers should do all they can to excavate the appearance features of the display case, and create a high-quality and beautiful display case.

2. Gemology

The jewelry display cabinet is used to display precious items such as gemstones, in the high-end jewelry display case, how can you make more of the gemstones displayed?Through the various layout of the display cabinet: the lighting of the light, the concentration of the tempered glass, the height of the display cabinet, and the height of the display, the gem will be displayed to the customers to the maximum extent.

3. Psychology

The characteristic of the display cabinet is that in the process of presentation, the psychology of triggering the customer can reach the purchase desire, which is psychology.The quality of the jewelry display can directly affect the attractiveness of the display products to customers.

Stainless steel engineering

Jewelry shelves are made of advanced stainless steel and welded together through a variety of styles, this process is small, but the new li is very strict, for the gaps between the cases and requirements to nanoscale, and polishing degree must be consistent with the surrounding, using water electroplating, plating, laser, such as a variety of ways, to subtle changes the appearance of stainless steel, one of the most powerful technology to produce high-quality goods shelves.

5. Marketing

Jewelry cases is one of the important furnishings create a jewelry store environment, put a good design can fully enough to make jewelry store will be greatly improve the overall appearance, manifests the jewelry store, attract more customers to visit, finally promote the jewelry store sales performance.

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