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Five misconceptions should be paid attention to in the design of display cabinets in mobile phone stores!

Source:凡路展柜厂    Author:凡路展柜厂    Visit:194    Pubtime:2019-04-18 17:38:41
1. Mobile phone exhibition cabinet design is careful, not easy to change the design of mobile phone exhibition cabinet, to consider thoughtful, comprehensive, mobile phone exhibition cabinet design once discussed and approved, do not easily change, especially in the later stage, exhibition cabinet design, change may delay construction, increase costs, or even affect the opening.

2. The design of mobile display cabinet is simple, concise and lively, which is a good way to attract the audience. The average person can only accept limited information in a moment. Exhibits to choose representative furnishings, exhibition cabinet pictures, must have a choice, must abandon. Photographs, charts and text descriptions should be clear and concise.

3. The design of mobile phone display cabinet should highlight that the key mobile phone display cabinet should have a center and focus. The focus of the booth can attract attention. The key points are highlighted by means of location, layout and lighting.

4. The unique design of mobile display cabinet can attract more visitors, so it is easier to identify and look for visitors, so that visitors who enter the booth will be impressed, and will be touched by memories later.

5. The design of mobile phone exhibition cabinet should consider the number of staff and the number of visitors. The crowded booth is inefficient and will make some target audiences lose interest. Conversely, empty booths will have the same effect. In this regard, the exhibition area is the main factor.

This is the introduction of five misunderstandings in the design of mobile showrooms. Funroad Business Show is looking forward to cooperating with you.
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