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Guangdong fan road display factory design and make jewelry display stainless steel processing price!

Source:深圳展柜制作设计厂家    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:88    Pubtime:2018-05-24 09:52:26

Stainless steel material is the important material of jewelry display cabinet, so the stainless steel processing is the important factor that affects the price of shenzhen jewelry display case.The processing cost of the same hotel decoration stainless steel processing price calculation method is similar, but has the essential difference.So if you want to purchase the high quality and low price in shenzhen jewelry shelves, must know the price of stainless steel processing, the price of materials, processing, welding, polishing, plating, titanium and six aspects of transportation.

Either high, medium and low-grade shenzhen jewelry shelves are used stainless steel, used in low-grade stainless steel material is less, only used in cases of shelf part, which is used for the part of a fixed glass.In addition to be used in the shelf, also used to make the display cabinet decoration line.And high-grade shenzhen jewelry exhibition ark, not only use stainless steel to make main body, still use for adornment.Therefore, stainless steel processing is an important part of the price of shenzhen jewelry display case.

Although the jewelry display ark belongs to the exhibition ark series from the big category, but often with storefront decoration is connected together, belong to decorate a product accordingly.Stainless steel part of its producing method with hotel adornment also made similar, so the price calculation method and hotel decoration, planer slot fees on the meter, bending price according to the area computation, welding cost is calculated by the length calculation, according to the overall size of titanium coating.But with the price of hotel decoration have substaintial distinction, in different materials, calculation method is more complex, and the final price is according to the length of the shenzhen jewelry cases and quotation.

The stainless steel processing price of jewelry display case is made up of six parts, which are materials, processing, welding, polishing, titanium plating and transportation.The material is usually made of high quality raw mirror or brushed stainless steel plate, the thickness is above 1.0mm, and the flatness and surface requirements of the plate are higher.Generally 2.4*1.2m boards are around 300 yuan each.Processing includes plane trough, shear, bending, because shenzhen jewelry cases and the accuracy is higher, so the processing cost compared with half of the high cost of decoration of the hotel, the price of every square metre is controlled in 1000 yuan commonly.The cost of welding in shenzhen jewelry display case is calculated according to the length of the display case, and the price per meter is between 200 yuan and 300 yuan per meter.The polishing cost is 100 yuan for each display case, and the price of titanium is about 200 yuan per section.

Because the jewelry display case has higher appearance requirements, it is easier to cut, so the transportation cost is higher, and the transportation cost of each section is about 50 yuan.Will the above six aspects of the comprehensive price, and then converted into meters, are straight shenzhen jewelry cases (ark) straight stainless steel processing price basic in 1200 yuan, the average price per meter and arc shenzhen jewelry cases and stainless steel processing and price per meter for an average of 1800 yuan.The price of the stainless steel part of jewelry display cabinet is between 2000 yuan and 2500 yuan.

Through the above introduction, you can realize the importance of jewelry cases and stainless steel processing prices, calculation method, and its price, believe that these can help you to purchase high quality and low price jewelry cases.

The above article is provided by shenzhen fan road display cabinet manufacturer, 20 years display cabinet design experience, 2018 will help you to rapidly improve the brand value.

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