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High - end jewelry store display cabinet production process standard!

Source:深圳珠宝展示柜厂    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:603    Pubtime:2017-12-23 10:07:40

Medium and high-end jewelry store display ark, must pay special attention to quality and safety, so general jewelry shop decorate a design, display ark can play a big role to show effect.General consumer is in when shopping for jewelry ark, or be in the jewelry ark when the shop installs good jewelry ark to be able to inspect the inside quality of the jewelry display ark from the next several aspects:

1. High density plate sealing edge, drawer or keypad strength, and the strength of the jewelry cabinet after installation.High density board edge quality is high density board class jewelry box is an important quality index of artificial e. parts made of its exposed edge sealing side handle must be conducted, sealing side should be strict, flat troublesome, no degumming, surface have glue stains.

The purpose of sealing side can reduce the formaldehyde emission of high density plate and increase the moisture-proof l energy of high density plate.If the sealing edge is not flat, the sealing side is easy to fall off after a period of wet use.The edge should also be rounded corners and not straight edges.The edges of the wood are easy to damp or crack.The jewelry cabinet that the three plywood bag is inlaid, the place that pack a place is nail nail, want to pay attention to the nail is flat, the color that nail eye place and other place is consistent.Usually nail eyes are sealed with putty, and be sure that the putty is bulging, such as if the drum is up, slow I man putty will fall out of it.When inspecting the sealing side, the hidden part of the jewelry cabinet should be focused on the inspection, such as the side of the front end of the drawer side and the side of the bottom and the side of the shelf.

2: jewelry box after installation of reinforcement is also relates to whether the jewelry counter qualified - an important indicator, inspection method is jewelry box installed, with the hand shake jewelry box, jewelry box cannot have more obvious shaking.There are two aspects of shaking: the wobble caused by the uneven feet;The other is the wobble caused by the installation of the jewelry cabinet or the structural design problem.If the bottom wobble is more than 2mm, it indicates that the processing precision of the jewelry cabinet is problematic.After the jewelry cabinet is installed, the height of the structural problems is more than 15mm, which indicates that there are quality problems in the installation or structural design of the jewelry cabinet.

Three: when consumers receive jewelry box, should be used for jewelry cabinet specification, certificate of approval, and check whether the instruction and jewelry box corresponding to the operation instruction, certification express whether manufacturers and merchants to provide the name of the consistent when buying jewelry box, whether to have the manufacturer's address and contact phone number if the jewelry counter in the instructions for use standards, materials, specifications, production date, installation considerations of use, maintenance method, general troubleshooting, etc.

4: drawer or keyboard tray slide strength is a basic project of ark of jewelry, national standard testing method is limited a drawer or keyboard tray away to the largest position, there is no limit of the drawer or keyboard tray away to two-thirds of the total length of location, on the top of the drawer panel or keyboard tray panel center, exerting force is 350 n, lO pressure (figure 2), if the slide deformation or loss can think jewelry box is unqualified.When consumer is check this metric, drawer or the keyboard can be opened as required, by hand press drawer panels or keyboard tray, if feel slide relatively car owes its' quality is likely to be unqualified.

For these indicators and process, the general cases and factory cannot be customized, and pay attention to the cases and factory here, can be better for you to make, do it for the customer is responsible for, for the customer's shelves, the better for a good design and high quality production services.

This article is provided by the direct selling manufacturer of all road jewelry display cabinets: 20 years' experience in the display cabinet of jewelry stores, and in 2017 will help you to promote brand value quickly.

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