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How do you fix the jewelry display after damage?

Source:珠宝展柜厂家    Author:凡路商业展示    Visit:658    Pubtime:2017-09-14 09:43:42

General jewelry display cabinets if accidental burns, burns, sunburn, such as cigarette end, hot sun.First determine cases to leave a mark is just paint film, woodiness material without damage, and then use a head wrapped chopsticks hard cloth gently wipe traces of fine lines, and finally coated with a thin wax liquid, burn marks can be removed, the effect is very good.

1. How do you handle the crack in the display case?

Cases have cracks are very common in our daily life, here, introduce milk source beauty cases and the key to crack the method, you might not think of, the milk can be used to remove surface cracks exhibiting ark, clean the surface of the specific approach is to use a wet dishcloth pour some milk to invade, can directly use dip in milk after place directly to wipe dirt, exhibiting ark after wiping dirt effect is very good, completed with water rinse again, because under the surface containing milk, put for a long time there will be some sour milk come out, do not have a thing to rinse with water.

2. How to deal with the yellowing of the display cabinet?


Jewelry cases to use time for a long time will slowly lose luster, appear even the phenomenon of yellow, or the child use a crayon stains, can use vinegar or toothpaste on shelves in the daily cleaning, but did not too hard, pay attention to wipe this jewelry cases and natural look brand-new, did you think of?Want to know, jewelry cases and trace and there are many factors, the means of processing also is varied, the concrete treatment method is to the specific circumstances, the above cases of injury treatment method is very practical, a similar situation occurred friend might as well try, after all, design and produce a set of even a storefront also far more than the cost of maintenance costs, why don't we in the process of using more at ordinary times good care and maintenance?


3. Lighting of different area of jewelry store


General designer of all the jewelry store design and decoration of the noble gorgeous, build an atmosphere of bling, a bright vision, actually to do effect and lamplight illume is inseparable, today, the source of beauty under small make up different areas share with the general colleagues about jewelry store shelves lighting matters needing attention and design points.Generally speaking, the jewelry store regardless of size, the regular area is indispensable, the following is the lighting of a few areas of the jewelry store.


4. Attention to window lighting


Will be precious gold and silver jewelry, diamonds, pearls, jade and other products in the form of the window display, high brightness, high color rendering lamplight illume, can better describe the detailed process and specular color jewelry.Therefore, the jewelry display window is generally divided into display, the lighting is arranged in the frame, the lamp position is closer.Strictly choose the light with the light Angle, targeted to the characteristics of jewelry display, using low power, light source, express the jewelry section, high reflective properties, formed on the surface of jewelry rich layers of highlights, glistening effect.The whole window is about 600-1000lux, and the jewelry surface is about 2000LUX.Color temperature depends on the material and the surface color.The color is not less than 90.

5. Display case lighting considerations


We know that different pieces of jewelry need different lighting to use.So showcase lighting is extremely important, gold, platinum, silver, diamond jewelry, such as the volume is relatively small, requires a high enough brightness, just easy to striking, the reflex the light completely on jewelry, pay attention to the direction of the incident light, let the reflection of the "bright spots" to stimulate the customer's eyes;Pearl, jade, crystal and other materials of the jewelry, more need to highlight the luster feeling of exquisite, relatively low in the brightness requirement.Gold can be used for lighting of 3000K cold glasses, and silver should be illuminated by more than 4200K solar cups.The general lighting of the cabinet is about 400-500lux, and the key lighting is 800-1000kux.The color is not less than 90.


7. Negotiating area lighting points


Negotiation area lighting design focuses on creating a relaxed atmosphere of communication.The lighting brightness should not be too high, use decorative strong anti-glare lighting equipment as far as possible.In the way that suspends installation, clear illuminates facial expression, color temperature is unfavorable and exorbitant, avoid to give a person unenthusiastic cold and indifferent sense.In order to facilitate the purchase of customized jewelry styles, the light should be focused on the workbench.The whole space of the negotiation area is 200-300lux, color temperature 3000K, and the key lighting is arranged nearby. As the negotiation, the product display is used, and the emphasis is not less than 600LUX.The overall spatial color is not less than 90.


About other specific area under the lighting and lighting area according to the specific attributes to comprehensive consideration and design, only in different regions in the jewelry store lighting perfect cooperation, complement each other, can present assignment cop show effect, thus aeriform in attract more potential customers. 

This article is provided by the direct selling manufacturer of all road jewelry display cabinets: 20 years of experience in display cabinet design for jewelry stores, which will help you to improve your brand value quickly.

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