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How is a good jewelry showcase made?

Source:凡路珠宝展柜    Author:凡路珠宝展柜    Visit:50    Pubtime:2018-09-07 15:34:51
The quality of the jewelry showcase is very important and can be customized by the showcase manufacturer. According to the decoration of the store, the material of the jewelry showcase can be determined. Whether it is a high-end route or a mid-end route, after confirming, you can present your own ideas to the showcase manufacturer, and let them design a unique jewelry showcase for you. The materials must conform to the decoration in your jewelry store. So how is a good jewelry showcase made?

First, the jewelry showcase production should pay special attention to the treatment of the light

Jewelry stores sell more expensive items, and the use of corner spotlights or LED lights will highlight the dazzling brilliance of diamonds and the rarity of jewellery, thus triggering consumers' desire to buy. The lighting design of the jewelry showcase comes first from the top light source. There are two kinds of commonly used lights, and the halogen lamp consumes a large amount of electricity and has a warm yellow color. LEDs and other power consumption are small, and the cool white light can be selected according to the needs. Fluorescent lighting is often used on the inside of the jewellery display case to increase overall brightness. Cold light spotlights and LED lights are installed at the left and right corners of the front side of the counter as a supplemental light source to enhance the three-dimensionality of the jewelry. If it is a island cabinet form, it is generally illuminated by a light strip to improve the overall lighting effect of the jewelry area.

Second, the jewelry exhibition accessories can not be designed too fancy

The accessory materials of the showcase are actually some decorations of the showcase, such as carving and painting. Can not be designed too fancy, should be combined with the overall image of the jewelry store to design, let the inkjet, carved and other ancillary materials to embellish the effect. Pay special attention when handling, the focus must be on jewelry, not on other decorations. Everything else is green leaves, which play a role in setting off the heat.

Third, in the production of showcases, while designing according to space conditions, we should also design from the perspective of consumers, try to satisfy the psychological and physiological needs of consumers as much as possible. Simply put, consumers should be given the utmost power. Look at the comfort, look at it, and naturally accept and buy.

Only the jewellery store and the jewelry showcase are harmonious and unified, and the charming charm can attract more customers to enter the store and buy your goods.

The introduction of how to make a good jewelry showcase is here. Funroad Jewelry Showcase looks forward to working with you.
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