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How should jewelry display cabinet be designed to highlight the charm of jewelry more?

Source:凡路展柜定制    Author:凡路展柜定制    Visit:428    Pubtime:2018-08-06 17:17:19

Generally speaking, as the display equipment of high-grade goods -- jewelry display case undertakes the responsibility that is very important, be like green leaf foil red flower same, show ark also should be able to foil exhibits very well just go.In fact, with the increasingly high requirements for the design and production of display cases, it is not enough to only reflect the halo of exhibits. More often, we will also promote the enterprises according to the design of fan lu display cases.

First of all, a good display cabinet design can give people a good image visually, and a unique creative design is crucial for a product. If customers want to accept the product in the first time and have the desire to purchase under the first impression, the creative design is self-evident.Creative upgrading not only plays a role in visual but also in building the image of the company.If all the accessories in the exhibit -- the display cases -- are visually appealing, wouldn't it be a better way to show the company's pro-people approach?In addition, it is also a good brand carrier, doing a good job has become a kind of "image endorsement", which is then known to the public.

Secondly, good booth design can also improve the sales performance of enterprises.As we all know, as the display case is the most direct carrier for the communication and transmission between the exhibits and customers, a good design will naturally add a lot of extra points to the exhibits (high-end jewelry, etc.), thus generating consumption power.Under the influence of "experience economy", a good booth can also promote the emergence of "return rate". Therefore, both the brand product enterprises and the enterprises that want to brand products should attach great importance to the design and production of the booth.

At present, there are many kinds of jewelry display cases on the market, and the grades are different, which can well meet the needs of different groups.For large shopping malls, the design and production of jewelry counters seem to reflect their own style and characteristics in terms of technology and space.So, what should be noted in the jewelry display cases made to order in large shopping malls?

Booth design custom - made principle 1: with the environment of the store integration

Colour is the first element that leaves an impression to the person, the style and characteristic are often caused by the visual illusion of colour above all, reasonable and harmonious colour combination can bring the magical visual effect that makes a person refreshing and refreshing often.Want to match well with the environment of the store, perfect integration, the color of the display cabinet is particularly important.Cool and warm color, contrast color, black and white, monochrome and so on should be applied properly, the key highlights the main tone so as to give play to the better attraction.In addition, large market gives a person to give the feeling with showily, elegant commonly, so the design of exhibit ark also should accord with this kind of style and lasting appeal.

Custom principle 2: lighting effect selection

Under general circumstances, our lamplight can consider more when choosing color, because the effect that again good, again luxuriant gem exhibits ark to show under different color lamplight is different completely.Blue lamplight can give a kind of confused feeling to the person, also can make the person produces more cold feeling, yellow lamplight, show luxuriant warmth and comfortable.And when need not contain colorific lamplight, gem gives a person to feel more real, how to weigh the lamplight colour choice among these, this is decided according to your product and the choice of environment and decide.

Principle 3: make space comfortable

When designing jewelry display cases, our designers should fully consider the design of space.For example, the aisle reservation, display lamps and lanterns space reservation, vertical space stratification reservation and so on are extremely important.Generally, we set the width of the main aisle at no less than 1.2 meters and the length of the secondary aisle at no less than 0.8 meters.

Custom principle 4: decorate the front

The good or bad decoration of the front directly affects the overall image of the store, giving people the first feeling is very important, no attraction there is no business.So do not stingy the decoration of the store, the door wall, the surrounding wall, the counter corner and so on are not allowed to let go of the place, decorated the door surface, ability to attract customers while also reflecting the value of jewelry display cabinets.

Therefore, merchants must do a good job of research when choosing jewelry display cases. At the same time, jewelry display cases of all roads will also provide the best jewelry display case design and production services for the vast number of customers. According to your needs, the most perfect personalized plan will be formulated.

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