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How to choose the decoration style of jewelry store display cabinet?

Source:凡路珠宝展柜厂    Author:凡路珠宝展柜厂    Visit:234    Pubtime:2018-09-18 14:35:55
If you want to open a jewelry store, how to choose the jewelry store showcase decoration style? The design of the showcase of a shop has greatly affected the business of the store. Here are seven designs for your reference.

First, classical style (luxury classic)

In the era when jewelry store decoration was just emerging, jewelry store decoration and interior space decoration mostly pursued a more practical and unified style. The luxury classic style developed with the development of business. Designers will ask for a variety of design elements that symbolize the brand culture, and embed luxury designs in the decoration, such as classical stained glass ceilings, classical style elements, classical style decorative panels, decorative corners, etc. Basically, it is mainly decorated with materials similar to the Baroque style combined with domestic existence.

Second, Chinese style (fresh and elegant)

With the emergence of many modernist styles, there has been a retro style in China, which is the revival of the decorative style of Chinese commercial showcases. Chinese painting, calligraphy and painting, and Ming and Qing furniture constitute the most important elements of Chinese design. However, these retro-fashioned furniture exhibits are expensive and become a relatively high-end commercial space display form in modern commercial showcase decoration.

Third, elegant style (quiet and gentle)

This is a design style that appeared in the last century and not at the beginning of this century. It is basically based on the woodworking practice of using wallpaper as the main decorative surface material and combining oil blending. This style emphasizes the harmony of proportions and colors. People began to color the upper part of the wall jewellery showcase with the ceiling, while the jewellery showcase used a wallpaper with a light texture. The whole style is very elegant and quiet, without a hint of impetuousness.

Fourth, fresh style (light and easy)

This is a style of jewelry store showcase with a fashionable taste derived from the influence of minimalism. Especially with the emergence of many brands, this simple style has appeared in a variety of commercial decoration. Since many times, the display products are valued by people, there is no need to consider numerous functional issues in the design and decoration of the showcase. They tend to emphasize a randomness and peace. The use of light white and monochrome to display large areas of space, and then display a variety of color display props, jewelry display cabinets, gold display stand, has formed a modern style of simple jewelry store showcase decoration.

Fifth, soft style (smooth independence)

In the last century, not at the beginning of this century, a design that pursued a smooth and luxurious approach began to appear in various shopping malls and shopping malls, and then appeared in ordinary commercial decoration. This style emphasizes a simple but yet decorative form of decoration, gradually forming a style with black walnut as the main woodwork decorative panel. Among them, minimalism and minimalism began to surface.

Six, exquisite style (noble and solemn)

After nearly 10 years of exploration, with the improvement of the living standards of the domestic people and the increase of opening up, people began to yearn for and pursue a high quality of life. Exquisite decorative materials and jewelry display cabinets are used in the decoration of commercial jewelry stores.

Seven, simple style (as you like)

The brand display pursues a clean and bright store interior effect. Today, this style is still the first choice for most commercial brand jewelry store decoration.

For luxury shops like jewelry stores, decoration is especially important. A good jewelry store showcase design can attract consumers to visit and let them buy in the store. I hope that the summary of the above series can help you.

An introduction to how to choose the decoration style of the jewelry store showcase is here. Funroad Jewelry Showcase looks forward to working with you.
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