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How to design a display cabinet for a small glasses shop

Source:Funroad    Author:Funroad    Visit:50    Pubtime:2021-07-13 14:30:02
When designing an optical shop, the storefront and booth are often relatively small, the environment is not good, and the light is not very bright, which brings great difficulties to the design of the showcase. So how to use the existing conditions to achieve the best display effect? This requires the designer of the showcase factory to have rich experience and sufficient relevant knowledge in order to make a more reasonable plan based on the scene. Here are some of my own thoughts.

1. The overall environment of the exhibition hall adopts overall lighting or splicing technology.

If the exhibition hall is relatively short, you can place groups of grille lights on the ceiling, and place them in rows or grids. Or, use slot lights to illuminate the ceiling. You can also use straight tube fluorescent lights to create large and bright ceilings. Advanced "Electroluminescence" lighting technology can be used to illuminate the ceiling, walls and floor of the entire venue.
There are also straight fluorescent or neon lights on the back and bottom of the showcase facing the wall and the bottom of the showcase. In this way, the showcase makes people feel wider and more advanced, changing the original sense of depression and dullness.

2. Adopt a small booth design. In a small exhibition space, the shape of the booth and exhibition props should not be too large, but should be adjusted according to the size of the exhibition space. The scale selection should be based on the scale of the body, so that the audience feels warm and comfortable. White and light colors are used for the surface of the wall shed and props and the exterior of the partitions to enhance the openness of the space. The deep colors make the space seem small, making people feel depressed and depressed.

3. The main color of the sunglass showcase is bright.

4. Minimize the color of the props. The exhibition hall should be small, the exhibition density of the exhibits should be small, small, and the aisles should be wide to ensure the safety of the audience and make the exhibition hall appear wide.

5. Reasonable use of lighting effects. It adopts K8 system (octagonal prism display rack) or three-way insert frame structure, inlaid with white plexiglass, and is equipped with straight tube fluorescent lights, which makes the booth transparent, bright and lively, and makes the image of the booth outstanding. You can attract the attention of the audience.

6. Do not use petty textures or patterns. If the exhibition hall is small, large and dense color patterns and decorations should not be used in large quantities. These patterns make people feel that the exhibition hall has become smaller, "changed", and dazzling. You can use multiple individual patterns (logos, titles, flowers, etc.). If you need to use a large area pattern, you should choose a small flower pattern, the color should be light.

7. The display cases should be hierarchical and highlight themes. Whether it is the image of the booth or the appearance of the props such as exhibits, try to "integrate" and "simplify" as much as possible, and never make complicated and trivial shapes. It must be clear, concise, and generous to make people feel comfortable after reading it. This is especially important.

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