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How to design a good looking cosmetics display cabinet?

Source:凡路展柜厂    Author:凡路展柜厂    Visit:222    Pubtime:2018-12-27 17:51:55
In today's design, cosmetic display cabinets are customized according to the rules of visual art and the specific requirements of the design, in pursuit of new visual results and design diversity. No shape contrast, size contrast, position contrast, color contrast, direction contrast, etc. In the overall design, the cosmetics display cabinet uses the unity of color, the unity of the form, the unity of the layout, the unity of the props, and the unification of the materials. On the basis of uniformity, the part can be used to create a lively atmosphere.

    Customized comparison and unification of cosmetic display cabinets are opposite in the form of composition. Excessive unity will cause dullness. Excessive contrast will cause visual confusion. Although the two aspects are unified, they cannot support a whole. Can not be in the same position as the position. This proportion is also widely used in daily life, so that many printed and drawn papers are used as a ratio of length to width. The display cabinet itself is a kind of combination of various elements. At the same time, in the design process, consciously emphasize contrast, weaken other contrasts, and make the visual result of the display reach the predetermined idea. This is also the essence of the design of the cosmetics display cabinet. .

    Cosmetic display cabinet contrast is an important form of visual art. The contrast of the so-called display cabinet refers to the comparison between various elements of opposite nature, which is a kind of rule that differs between expressions. Its important role is to make the vivid results and make it energetic. In comparison, the different characteristics are more significant because of comparison.

The introduction of how to design a good looking cosmetics display cabinet is here. Funroad Jewelry Display Cabinet is looking forward to cooperating with you.
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