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How to design a jewelry display cabinet will attract customers' attention!

Source:凡路珠宝展柜厂    Author:凡路珠宝展柜厂    Visit:230    Pubtime:2018-10-10 17:33:06
The effect of a good showcase design is to see if it attracts the attention of customers, especially professional customers. This design not only reflects the visual effect, but also attracts the attention of the customer, and also helps the customer to deepen the impression of the company.

The basic shape of the showcase is the skeleton of the entire showcase. It is the hub that forms the main effect of the showcase design, which is especially important for far-sighted effects. Of course, corporate LOGOs are different, some are more appropriate, and some are not suitable as design elements.

According to the survey, the first impression of the exhibitor on the exhibitor always comes from the appearance of the showcase design. This impression may last for a long time and directly affects the visitor's status and behavior to the exhibitor, which ultimately affects the exhibitor's effectiveness.

At present, some showcases are set up in the large showcase design. The designer regards the graphic department of the company logo as a basic modeling element, abstracting, generalizing and stereoscopically processing it to form a different form from other showcases. The design effect of the company's own characteristics. In this process, regardless of whether the final agreement or economic benefits are achieved, the exhibitor has achieved or the department has achieved the purpose of demonstrating - effective information transfer. The most important role of the showcase is to communicate directly with consumers through the counter, and to enable consumers to clearly understand the company's products and generate consumer behavior.

In addition to displaying products, the good counters also have the function of communicating emotions, so that the product display environment and the consumer's spiritual pursuit hang up, and stimulate a more lasting psychological identity is a successful showcase design. The following synthesis of some basic design principles can be used as a reference: concise. The complexity of the showcase may be confusing for visitors and the basic information of the exhibitor cannot be quickly understood. This makes it difficult for customers to become interested in exhibitors. At the same time, complex display cabinets will increase the work intensity of showcase producers and reduce the efficiency of display production staff. In terms of work efficiency, the product display is not only the accumulation of its own products, but also the selective placement. The main products are placed in the most easy-to-see position of the customers. The secondary products can be placed according to the type of the product. The location is limited, some minor products can choose not to display, too many stacked products will make the primary and secondary are not clear, it is difficult to achieve the publicity effect, highlight the focus.

New products or the most important products must be placed in the most prominent places. If you can better combine position, arrangement, lighting and other means to achieve better results. The color theme of the showcase should be clear, and the theme should be a good combination of product information, color, and function, so that customers can quickly understand the nature of the products they exhibit. If the showcase is too gorgeous and not tightly integrated with the product, it will be difficult to achieve the desired promotional effect.

The introduction of how jewelry design is designed to attract customers' attention is here. Funroad Jewelry Showcase looks forward to working with you.
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