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How to design the three-dimensional renderings of jewelry counter in shenzhen.

Source:珠宝展示柜台厂    Author:凡路商业展示    Visit:216    Pubtime:2017-09-25 10:51:16

Some people think that after the jewelry exhibition counter is made, the whole counter is placed in that is not the plane feeling?This kind of statement is identity on the outside, but practical jewelry shelves flat not only only is the real connotation of the goods appearance, but by choose the proportion of light, made must not to shine in the composition of the atmosphere of a plane with the vibration induction, like 3 d movies, and the difference of 4 d movie, read people will to light a gap in the.So, how to apply lighting to strengthen the plane feeling of the jewelry booth?Trusting a lot of people is the result of being very close.

First of all, fan road and the big year night family say the rare lighting that the display ark design and manufacturing need to use, here is not to say the color of the light source, first of all talk illuminant of the light of the illuminant bias.In the present day, there are five biases in the light that we normally speak of, and they are the top light, side light, face light, backlight and bottom light.

The top light is the light that constitutes the plane of the upper and lower plane, and the light object has a small projection, and the bright and dark contrast is strong.

The side light is the light that forms the side of the Yin and Yang, the light from the side and the left, right, lower left, and lower right.Light object projection, the plane feeling is stronger, the level is rich, it is the people's most casual lighting preparation;

Surface light is a kind of foundation of 45 ° inclined front light lighting, projection, flashing light color object completely, but the plane induction poor;

Light transmission is the light of goods from the set, lighting, from the front light outside of the object contour is clear, has artistic charm silhouette results, is to strengthen the art achievements within the scope of exhibits and space;

The bottom light is the light that forms the backside result as the subsidy, the illumination from the bottom up, should be assisted with the light.Gold, pearl wait for the jewelry that reflects light, ask for the bias of light incident, let reflect the "flash point" to calm customer's eyes;Jade, crystal and so on the jewelry that asks for transparent texture, need to make a point to be transparent.

Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the plane sense of the jewelry display cabinet, and the process of selecting the light and the reasonable application of them is the moment.Specific to follow exhibits and layout of the space, it is out of line first, backlight application exception abroad has always been a backlight in the design of the color of the light, the feeling of space and plane first on backlight, such as backlight 100%, side light 50%, 20% of the area light shine the plane sculpture.However, this is also closely a reference.We also need to achieve the goal of enhancing the plane sense of the jewelry display cabinet according to specific areas, specific Spaces, specific situations and specific results of the device.

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