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How to discern the fine jewelry cases and several characteristics!

Source:凡路商业展柜    Author:珠宝展示柜台厂家    Visit:597    Pubtime:2017-11-07 11:18:56

Most of the time, some things because of the Angle observation, and the different environment, presented by the effect, are also different.Is a very good example, cooperate with different lights, and different backgrounds.The beauty of the present, also can have different styles.So want to be a good sales, you must be a professional jewelry display ark to render.Whether how sales staff has a strong sales ability, if you are selling, didn't get a good show.So there is no purchase desire of consumers, listen to not into any surgery.

Jewelry cases and made into a lot of kinds, glass, metal, wood and so on the choice of different materials.Not only has elegant appearance, but also have a strong structure, best had a very good security.Probably for a lot of big companies, but also need cases and has the function of convenient disassembling because need to go to a lot of exhibition.

A good jewelry display ark, not only can very good show, to promote the brand value actually is a kind of existence.A lot of big brand companies, for the production process and performance of jewelry display ark, are all very seriously.Especially chain company, is not only to maintain the consistency of the exhibiting ark, but also to have the brand positioning.In different market, want to reflect the high-end image of the brand.Especially the display case should be placed in a conspicuous position, there will be many more requirements.

For, different capable person, need a different light.The jades under such as jade and pearls, need, must be different.So on the making craft of display case, there will be a radium shoots the warm and cold light lamp, halogen lamp, lamp, and so on, a variety of different options.According to the requirements of the different exhibitions, as well as the different brand positioning, probably storefront design features, are different.And on the material, also can be divided into solid board, plywood, big core board and fibre board in the different choice.Actually for display case, the most important thing is material.Only high-grade material, can reflect the high quality.

This article provided by every way jewelry display ark direct manufacturer: 20 years design experience in jewelry store display case, help you to quickly enhance the brand value.

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