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How to display the jewelry of high-end jewelry showcase?

Source:凡路珠宝展柜    Author:凡路珠宝展柜    Visit:398    Pubtime:2018-08-30 17:30:48
Still worried about the jewelry display in your store? Ask people not to come to yourself, simply understand the five points of high-end jewelry showcase jewelry display methods.

First, uniform and clean

The display of the jewelry store should be full and neat, and displayed in an orderly manner. It should be based on the customer's observation angle; whether it can completely observe the style, lines and details of the product. Don't forget that the product label should be standardized, eye-catching, and the price level is in ascending order or descending order, which is beneficial to customers' purchase of goods.

Second, the sense of hierarchy

The jewellery display has been low and high, the high-to-high-priced goods, and the low-priced low-priced goods are combined, using balanced slashes, double lines, and fonts, etc.; The visual appearance of the left and right symmetry is better.

Third, the theme

Jewelry display effect allows customers to feel the brand culture of a company, that is, a brand's style, product positioning and market positioning. Themed jewelry items can be changed due to changes in festivals and promotions.

When the festival changes, the customer can clearly understand the main product type from the entire jewelry display.

In the same way, in different promotions, customers can clearly know the specific content of this promotion.

Fourth, serial

(1) Type: Display the products of different material types separately to avoid confusing the customer's sight. Such as: gold and platinum, pendants and rings.

(2) Color: Display different products of different colors.

(3) Style: Display different styles on the cargo platform. Such as: unique diamond style, men's style.

(4) Mosaic method: display the products in different mosaic ways. Such as: bag set, claw set and so on.

V. Flexibility

Jewelry display needs constant new changes. Even if there is no new product, the original jewelry location and display mode should be changed. According to the style of jewelry, the customer will continue to feel fresh.

The introduction of how to display the jewellery of high-end jewellery showcases is here. Funroad Jewelry Showcase looks forward to working with you.
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