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How to enhance the three-dimensional display of jewelry showcase?

Source:凡路珠宝展柜    Author:凡路珠宝展柜    Visit:59    Pubtime:2018-08-20 16:53:56
Many people think that after the jewellery showcase is made, is the whole counter placed in the three-dimensional sense? On the surface, this statement is also recognized, but the three-dimensional sense of the actual jewelry showcase is not only the actual appearance of the object, but the proportion of the selected light, which is formed by a certain difference between different directions of illumination. The atmosphere and shocking feeling, just like the difference between 3D movies and 4D movies, people who have seen will understand the gap. So, how to enhance the three-dimensional sense of the jewelry showcase? Funroad Jewelry Showcase will give you a brief introduction on how to enhance the three-dimensionality of the jewelry showcase.

First of all, Fan Lu Jewelry Showcase wants to talk to everyone about the common lighting used in the design and production of the showcase. The color of the light source is not mentioned here, mainly the direction of the light source. At present, we usually say that the illumination of the light has five directions, which are top light, side light, surface light, back light and bottom light.

The top light is generally a light that forms a three-dimensional effect in the up and down direction, and the projection of the illumination object is small, and the contrast between the light and the dark is strong;

The side light is the light that forms the left and right yin and yang faces, and the light is irradiated from the left and right and the upper left, upper right, lower left, and lower right directions. The projection of the illuminated object is clear, the stereoscopic effect is strong, and the level is rich, which is the most acceptable illumination mode for people;

The surface light is a 45° oblique light of the basic illumination, the projection is dull, the color of the illuminated object appears completely, but the stereoscopic feeling is poor;

The effect of backlighting is to separate the light from the background, from the illumination behind the front, the outer contour of the illuminated object is distinct, and the silhouette effect with artistic charm greatly enhances the artistic effect in the range of exhibits and space;

The bottom light is to form a reverse effect as a subsidized light, and the bottom-up illumination should be used as an auxiliary light distribution. Gold, pearls, etc. rely entirely on the reflection of light, pay attention to the direction of light incidence, so that the reflected "flash point" stimulates the eyes of customers; jade, crystal and other jewelry that pay attention to light texture, we must pay attention to light.

Therefore, it is the key to enhance the three-dimensional sense of the jewelry showcase by selecting the lights and making rational use of them. Specifically, according to the layout of exhibits and space, especially the application of backlighting is very important. There are always backlights in foreign light color design. Space and stereoscopic effect are mainly formed by backlighting, such as backlighting 100%, sidelight 50%, surface light 20 The % illumination forms a three-dimensional sculpture. However, this is also a reference. We still need to provide specific effects of illumination according to specific areas, specific spaces, and specific environments to enhance the three-dimensional sense of the jewelry showcase.

An introduction to how to enhance the three-dimensionality of the jewellery showcase is here. Funroad Jewelry Showcase looks forward to working with you.
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