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How to solve the order production process of jewelry brand display?

Source:珠宝展示柜厂家    Author:凡路商业展示    Visit:686    Pubtime:2017-09-13 14:00:23

How to do the order production process of jewelry brand display case?

Item 1: accept client's authorization and site test size.Notify the measurement

Measuring jewelry stores on site size, this link is the most initial link, jewelry cases to general jewelry brand marketers (or jewelry store business customers) will be informed by phone or email way producers (jewelry cases to make China) for field measurement, the need to emphasize on specific categories of the time and place and specific brands, avoid the amount of leakage fault phenomena, jewelry cases and producers can also be in charge of jewelry brand and local personnel for confirmation.

Avoid this kind of phenomenon.This link for more specification, shall establish a special cases to the jewelry store, a notice of field measurement, on the note marked jewelry shops or jewelry cases and store planning area of the related contents and requirements.

Use written form of mail or fax to the jewelry booth factory as the measurement basis.It is also a prerequisite for more efficient site operation of jewelry stores.

Item 2: site survey of jewelry stores

Informed jewelry brand customer measurement, shall establish a special measuring single jewelry cases to the store, it reflects some of the stores and the detailed information of party a and the jewelry booth convenient throughout the process to the specific requirements of the shop, and jewelry cases first commonly the demand side (that is, party a salesman), to the scene and shopping malls, business field survey, three parties that will reduce a lot of unnecessary mistakes, this link is the whole jewelry cases in post-production process is the most important link, is also the most prone to problem typically embodied in the jewelry counter the site changes and requirements of making the market the two aspects, shop site changes often general store will notify party a in advance, party a timely notify the cases to producers to measure, and to produce the requested at the mall stores tend to raise some more rigid rules such as providing a shop counters "decorate guide", often with party a jewelry store brand image (i.e., the SI standard) have some conflict, if it is not made according to the requirements of the mall, jewelry cases to make factory do not pay attention to this link, at the appointed time may cause the jewelry cases to the delegate in the deposit cannot refund, hope to party a in communication with the store as well as strengthen the confirmation of this aspect, is advantageous for the producers of field operations.

Item 3: design of the design department of the display cabinet

Cases and drawing in general according to party a's jewelry store brand image (i.e., the SI standard) request design diagram, according to the different market and different jewelry counters, different class design renderings, jewelry factory will be according to the measurement of single exhibiting ark set up a special "jewelry shelves design flow sheet in the document at the jewelry counter in the project specific information, to facilitate better on jewelry cases to make project operation and implementation.Tracking the documents used to jewelry designer exhibiting ark of receive the measurement of the project at the same time to start, to the jewelry cases to make project confirmed by the customer order to jewelry is inside another relative joint between cases and factory.

Item 4: items before the exhibition cabinet drawing confirmation and jewelry display

The general display cabinet drawings are confirmed, the department store and party a confirm that the store confirmation is directly confirmed by party a's business and the department store.And general problem is easier to produce in the mall drawings to confirm this, because the store made in cases and at the same time as mentioned above, there are also some cases to make provisions of the mall, such as shopping malls counters "decorate guide", the jewelry brand also have their own jewelry store brand image production standards (i.e., SI), often prone to conflicts, such as the floor is generally not special brand mall is compound floor and mall sometimes must pave glass floor or vitrified tile, and easy to split, jewelry cases to make the manufacturer usually after measurement.

Fax measurement sheet to party a in writing reflects the specific requirements of the mall and the information above, party a after receiving producers of measuring single at the same time with the mall again for further communication and solution, there would be fewer general issues.

Ensure that in the jewelry cases to make the operation of the project process is based on a correct solution in the implementation, the design of the drawings by the jewelry brand party (party a) and stores can be recognized is very critical.

Some high-end jewelry brand image belongs to the global unified image, so more time is the image planning and design requirements of the stores to follow the jewelry brand.It is also to ensure that consumers can have a better shopping experience in jewelry store. This offline high-end shopping experience is even more important under the impact of online sales!

Item 5: when is the jewelry booth confirm the order?

Storefront design drawings confirmed by the shopping mall and party a may order, jewelry cases to factory when made in the design process in the situation of single order to the production workshop, the orders above reflect the jewelry cases and projects all essential factors and the requirement of making cases and,

Convenient workshop for operation and implementation.Be sure to indicate the time of entry of the jewelry counter and the completion date of the display.This order can only be completed after receiving the confirmation drawings signed by the department store and the customer.

Item 6: the budget confirmation and deposit payment for jewelry display cases is the production premise

After confirmation of the drawing of the jewelry display cabinet, the exhibition cabinet manufacturer will make a special quotation for jewelry display case according to the drawing, and party a shall confirm the audit.Confirmed after the audit notification jewelry cases to factory have production, to party a in written form to make the jewelry cases to make notice by fax to the jewelry cases and factory production, the amount above reflect the audit of party a, producing area, producing types and requirements of the approach time completion of some specific factors such as time, jewelry cases to the factory production in receive production notice at the same time also will design process and the final confirmation under the effect to the production workshop, the workshop again, according to the specific documents, for example, is expected to open material purchasing hardware paint and glass and stainless steel jewelry processing installation of lamps and lanterns and electrical installation.

Seventh item: the workshop production link of jewelry display factory

Jewelry cases factory in receive design process reflects requirements of making the mall in (order) at the same time, complete the review work, also establish the jewelry cases and material drawing sheet of the project, the materials used to make the project, jewelry cases and production workers in according to the material

Recipients list of the specific details, to the warehouse picking for production, at the same time in the production workshop of the finished jewelry cases to factory director (or special QC inspection personnel) should be to his acceptance of the project, at the same time establish project acceptance certificate, guarantee the project before installing

The product qualification rate of the appearance is 100%. In this link, the jewelry display factory must strictly follow the specific requirements of the design process sheet to avoid some problems.The factory director of the jewelry display cabinet will also review the product according to the design procedure.

Item 8: site installation of the physical store of jewelry display case

Booth produced, assembled on the spot at the same time we also set up the construction of the project accordingly (the pursuit to the booth construction completion), reflects the project's basic information in the documents, and some of the problems in the process of assembling the project records,

The site construction is usually caused by unexpected events and some non-human factors. The producer will show it in this document and confirm it to party a and the store.Facilitate party a to better audit.

Item 9: site acceptance after installation of jewelry display cabinet

After construction, we will carry out the overall acceptance of party a's business personnel in the form of the project construction form, and give the signature and evaluation.In this way, the qualified rate is 100% and the field assembly rate is 100%.The producer also has a special after-sales service card attached to the back of the cash register.

If there is any need for maintenance, please call the producer directly.In accordance with the specific requirements of party a, the company shall set up a special after-sales service tracking service for the maintenance of the brand in the first time.The form of the customer's feedback on the information after the jewelry display cabinet is completed,

After the completion of the inspection, the producer will fax the project to party a for the first time and inform the project that the project has been completed.

Sum up briefly as follows: jewelry counter notice "the measurement form" jewelry shelves design flow form "quotation" "jewelry jewelry counter notice of cases to make jewelry box production material drawing form, jewelry counter for receiving report" jewelry counters construction form, jewelry cases and after-sales service tracking tickets

These nine documents constitute a complete system of a separate project.It is also for better and faster implementation of the terminal box.

This article is provided by the direct selling manufacturer of all road jewelry display cabinets: 20 years of experience in display cabinet design for jewelry stores, which will help you to improve your brand value quickly.

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