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How to use the unused matte paint in the display cabinet design process?

Source:深圳珠宝展柜厂家    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:112    Pubtime:2018-04-13 09:59:29

Display case that may be because the customer in the design and production process of some special requirements, such as on the material with a rare wood, appearance to independent design and production, could reveal ark into column for more valuable things, so it has higher requirements in the paint, today we will explain a comparatively special paint production process - matte paint effect.

This process is directly related to the general and matte paint, everybody knows with fresh matte paint made better reveal ark, if idle for too long the matte paint for making reveals ark, it is easier to a problem, can't reach the expected effect, why is this so?Since matte varnish is also a chemical paint, there are more chemicals together.So after open the matte paint with air to enter, and the composition and chemical reaction in air, makes the chemical composition of the original matte paint is changed, so we can't achieve good results.So how do we deal with this?

The composition of common sub-gloss varnish contains resins, solvents, additives and powder.Because extinction of paint of dumb light of powder is special components, also is the key, also is the soul of paint of dumb light of composition, because it is a kind of can't dissolve in the paint chemical composition, so it usually is suspended above the paint.If our matte paint is not sealed, the surface powder absorbs moisture in the air and then dilutes itself to the bottom of the paint.In this way, there will be a matte varnish to open up the illusion of too long.In fact, the real reason is that the powder absorbs the moisture of the air, and the density increases to the bottom of the barrel.

That everybody should know how to solve the problem, so in the display cabinet brush must put idle matte paint before the paint mixing evenly, so as to ensure that our paint the full amount of each component, if lack of one of the chemical composition will affect our overall effect on the surface of the display case.

I would recommend you not to idle for too long, the paint I said above method can only apply to idle for a short period of time, if you paint in kaifeng idle time over more than a year, the inside of the paint will be a lot of precipitation, make each component according to density stratification, and may agglomerate metamorphism, so will not be able to apply again, recommend to kaifeng matte paint used in production reveals ark as soon as possible.

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