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I did not expect to have so many benefits to send customers away from the store!

Source:凡路展柜厂    Author:凡路展柜厂    Visit:222    Pubtime:2018-10-23 17:58:19
When we go shopping in the store, sometimes some salesmen will personally send us to the door. This move is small, but there are some benefits you can't think of!

The customer has already been sold - the other party feels that we are really good to him.

Sending customers away from the store is a minimum of courtesy and is the most basic respect for customers. If we let the customer leave silently, how much will make the customer feel uncomfortable. Customer pay

Be good to him before the payment, and be good to him after payment. If we can adjust our behavior, be good to him when buying, and be better to him after purchase, it will make customers feel that we are true.

The heart is good to him.

Unsuccessful customers - laying the foundation for the next store entry

We have to make customers feel moved. When customers buy, they should be good to him. When customers don't buy, they should be better for him. Because the customer is very good to him when he buys, he thinks it should be. because

For you to want him to buy your product, but when he does not buy to leave, you can be more enthusiastic and better than the one just received, the customer will have a little warmth, this is also for the customer

The second store has laid a good foundation.

Although it is good to drop off the store, but also need to pay attention to these 4 things

First, do not take the initiative to send customers away from the store

After the smooth collection, do not take the initiative to express the customer to the store, for example: "I will send you out." If we say this, customers will not want us to send them in all likelihood.

So we should naturally guide our customers to the gate.

Second, do not send customers away at the checkout counter

If we say goodbye to the customer directly at the checkout counter, it will give the customer a feeling that it is too realistic to say goodbye just after the money is collected.

Third, give a small gift

When the customer wants to leave the store, they need to prepare some gifts (small gifts) for the customers, or provide some suggestions for the customers. Regardless of the value, they will give the customers a super

The feeling of value, after all, the transaction is completed, we can also surprise him.

Fourth, small details after the customer leaves the store

If you are a customer at the store, you will be sent to the customer to prevent the customer from turning back. At the same time, don’t let the clerk gather together after the customer has just left the store. The purpose is to

Avoid being seen by customers, customers think that they are talking about it, and they are not saying good things.

The most important thing to pay attention to store sales is that you must be kind and welcoming, professional and literate, and maintain your positive and enthusiastic tone and expression. The most important thing is, don’t take people because of appearance.

If you look down on someone, maybe you are not looking good, but it is the one who bought the most expensive product in your store!

There is still a lot of good news about sending customers out of the store. The Van Jewelry Showcase looks forward to working with you.
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