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In 2017, we will summarize the design principles and requirements of various commercial exhibition cabinets.

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1. The design of commercial exhibition cabinet needs to grasp the key points and highlight the product theme.

Business cases to the design to be focused and themes, key parts of the stores need to have enough appeal, in the key areas to prevent key display products, average performance is: the new product, the product sell like hot cakes, focus on the promotion of the product....At the same time, through the adjustment of elements such as position and lighting, highlight the theme of the product.

2. The display cabinet design should be simple and generous.

Under normal circumstances a person to browse information is limited, if we are in the information of the product are showed too much, will give consumers a feeling of dazzling, so conducive to attract the attention of consumers.In addition, the complexity of the display structure can reduce the working efficiency of the staff.The display should be representative, must have the choice, has abandoned.Simplicity and clarity are the best ways to attract the masses.Photos, charts, and written instructions should be concise and clear.Design decorations that are not related to the presentation of the product or presentation should be minimized.

3. The display cabinet should be marked with eye-catching design.

Being different can attract more visitors, make it easier for customers to identify and find, and impress the customers who enter the store.Be unique in your design, but don't break away from your product goals and business image.

4. The theme of the display design should be clear, and the message should be clear.

The theme is the basic information and impression that the enterprise wants to convey to the customer, usually the enterprise itself or the product.A clear theme is the focus from one aspect, and on the other hand, it is the use of appropriate colors, diagrams and layouts to create a unified impression in a coordinated manner.

5. The display cabinet design needs to be unified by organization.

Business cases and in the design and use of the effect of rendering is made up of many influence factors: cases and layout, etc. Through the use of color, graphics, and exhibits exhibition stand forms of expression and so on.A successful display cabinet design can combine these elements together, achieve unexpected thought.

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