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In 2018, the jewelry display cabinet is designed to be true and keep pace with The Times!

Source:深圳展示柜厂家    Author:凡路商业展示柜    Visit:94    Pubtime:2018-05-15 10:13:08

In 2018, the jewelry display cabinet is designed to be true and keep pace with The Times!You need to have the following three characteristics for the road display factory.Let's look at the concrete analysis.

I. authenticity

In order to attract and attract customers to the greatest extent, the commercial display design must give full play to the designer's creative ability and rich imagination, and create a unique aesthetic image.At the same time, commercial display design and must pay attention to the authenticity of aesthetic creation, which conveys information must be accurate, not exaggerated, bluff, it is also a modern commercial display design is the key problem.Otherwise, it will not only lose credibility, violate professional ethics, but also cause consumers' psychological distrust and animosity.The us business community in its advertising creed eight has five is about the authenticity of the, which emphasizes the fact that, don't seduce, price indeed, may not exaggerate, honest recommendation, etc.,.At the same time, emphasizing the authenticity of commercial display design does not mean denying the richness of expression technique.On the contrary, in order to arouse people's emotion and arouse the desire of purchase, we must pay attention to the uniqueness, richness and novelty of expression techniques.

Second, the sense of time and the national style.

Commodity is the product of certain social productivity and scientific and technological level development.In essence, it embodies the evolution of history and the progress of human society.Therefore, the display design of the information medium between the commodity and the consumer must have the distinctive characteristics of The Times.Specifically, modern commercial display design is to use the advanced science and technology of human society and the modern business management method, using industrial society brought about by the mass production material conditions, through the display of a variety of media, create ever-changing visual communication effect, to complete belong to the category of commercial media planning, and with new product ideas to change the customer's shopping psychology, make consumers under the influence of display form, for the selection of organic goods.Practice has proved that the design of the more successful tend to have high intensity of stimulation or do STH unconventional or unorthodox in the form of feeling, and high technology and modern life style of high emotions, to arouse people's aesthetic feeling.Lack of time sense design lacks visual impact, so it is not easy to attract people, not for people's attention.

3. Environmental concept.

Commercial display mainly appeals to people's visual and auditory experience, and it is closely related to the environment of human activities.At the same time, it also constitutes an important aspect of urban human landscape, so it is necessary to emphasize its environmental concept.The commercial display design exists in the large system of people -- environment. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out the comprehensive design from the overall space in the concrete design.According to the colour of the environment, construction, road width and the characteristics of climate season, etc, a comprehensive consideration, this display in the store, neon lights, posters, ads, is especially important in the design of electronic display advertising.From the overall planning of the whole city and the requirements of environmental beauty, it is necessary to propose unified requirements and plans for the design of the whole city, so as to create a prosperous street scene with a wide range of views through systematic planning and design.On the contrary, it creates a sense of disorganization.

The above article is provided by shenzhen fan road display cabinet manufacturer, 20 years display cabinet design experience, 2018 will help you to rapidly improve the brand value.

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