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Is the display counter of the jewelry store related to the five lines?

Source:展示柜定做厂家    Author:凡路商业展示柜    Visit:99    Pubtime:2018-05-08 10:12:05

Make some people will say, I don't believe that superstitious this thing, anyway, I find a strength and size of production manufacturer to design a storefront product exhibiting ark, then call under the company's professional staff to help install, as to how to put, I see how the first suit go toward the direction of how to set and didn't even intend to be associated with the five elements, or under the direction of the pendulum potential wrong, can influential to myself, I if it is the key of business, and I put store display case is if the direction is wrong on my business a lot of negative effects, such as difficult to do a big business.

As the saying goes, "there is no doubt that there is no truth in it."So, how many friends of business do you believe in?If I'm not mistaken, nine of my ten friends in business are believed.After all, science is so advanced now, but it's impossible to say that our five lines and eight words have no scientific basis at all.Even if it doesn't really affect business, there's some good comfort in the spirit.Jewelry business, if I do, I shop is famous wuhan creative cases to compare and find comparable cases and production company producing a jewelry design cases and to furnish my jewelry products, the original creative cases and professionals to come to my shop looking for wuhan help me install, moreover, is because I believe that the five elements and the eight of themselves, so at the same time also asked one of our local famous geomancer help us guide, how exactly jewellery counter put my business will be more prosperous, won't have bad influence on my jewelry business.

Everything is done according to feng shui.Seriously, this is what I want, and if I don't believe that, but someone told me, cases and exhibition stand in the shop when well could affect the business, I don't to do it, I don't develop, total days heart always worry will not be a bad situation, business will become more and more bad, maybe this is human psychology.But I didn't believe it, but I finally did it in this respect, and asked feng shui to help.Finally see if not for my business for signs of what is not the same consequences even if it's true, but at the very least, I don't have to worry about every day under placement direction is not good for my business have an impact on this problem, the most basic my spirit got the biggest comfort.I can concentrate on running my jewelry business.

Therefore, whether the display cabinet position direction is really related to the five lines is completely different from the individual, believe it has, do not believe it is not.As long as a friend of the business is not going to be in a state of affairs because of this problem.Be sure not to let anything affect the mood and thought of doing business.Believe it or not.

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